What’s your favourite part of the Fringe

Bet it’s the queues isn’t it

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We ventured into the throngs of the heavy festival crowds in Edinburgh city centre to ask locals, visitors and students what they enjoyed most about the Fringe — it wasn’t the crowds.

Katie – 20, Student, Devon

“I like how there’s such a diverse range of acts going on throughout the festival – day and night. There’s something for everyone, whether they’re an adult or a child. I’ve been leafleting for shows since the Fringe started this year and I love it.”

Calum – 20, St Andrew’s student

“The variety of different people on here is really impressive. I went to see a free show called ‘Shaggers’, it was really good. I’ve been to see lots of other great, free, shows too.”

Eilidh – 24, National Gallery employee, Edinburgh

“There is always something to do. The festival gives the city a buzz it doesn’t have at other times of the year. Even Christmas time isn’t this busy in Edinburgh.”

Sheila – 67, Retired, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

“What I love most about the Fringe is the atmosphere. I’ve traveled up to see my friends show “The Heidi-Ho of Joe McGuire”, but this is something I do every year anyway.”

Agnieszka – 26, Sales Assistant, Warsaw

“The Free Fringe events are my favourite things because you can be a part of new superstars of comedy emerging from the depths of anonymity and ‘unfunny-ness’.”

Allyson – 22, Sales Assistant, Edinburgh

“The thing I love most about the Fringe is the street performers, or the magicians. The underbelly is good too. Oh, and knowing people who work here means that you can get cheap drinks.”

Seamus – 24, Artist, Edinburgh

“You’ll be in a pub at four in the morning, and you’ll walk up the stairs and find yourself in a darkened room watching someone with a gun to their head while mid-performance. That’s special.”

Ciara – 18, Student, Edinburgh

“I like the spontaneity of the Fringe – there’s something on everywhere you go. The free stuff is always a bonus. Working in the city gives you a first hand view of everything the Fringe has to offer.”

Ian – 60, Self-Employed, Penicuik

“The diversity of the shows is what makes the Fringe special, from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous. And you can get really good hamburgers as soon as you come out of a show, especially on George Square right next to the main comedy venues.”