Library Style

Didn’t you know the library’s a catwalk

Thought you could get away with wearing sports kit to the library? You thought wrong.

This lot are out to show you up.

Ruri, second year Maths

Ruri poses for all photos like this: running his hand through his hair is the stance which complements his look best.

Keji, second year Social Policy and Sociology

Keji told us she ‘didn’t know how to smile in photos’ but she still manages to look pretty good here – probably mostly because of the camel coat.

Rory, fourth year Civil Engineering

There’s a penchant in the library at the moment for entirely black outfits (we forgive you, it’s exam time), but Rory manages to bring colour to the foyer with his choice of clothes – we particularly like how he’d matched his hat to his shoes. Great forward planning, Rory.

Anya, second year History


Back to black with Anya in this monochrome effort, facing the Edinburgh weather in a skirt – we congratulate you.

Emma, second year Medical Sciences

IMG_4397 (1)

Apparently the ice and snow mean nothing when fashion’s on the line, because Emma’s also battling the weather with only a pair of tights to save her legs. She looks good though, so probably worth it.

Try and remember these people next time you try to go to the library in a hoodie and trackies: there’s nothing worse than festering in a jumper you haven’t changed out of in three days as you watch adonis-like beauties waltz by.