Library Nap Cam

Have you been caught?

library napping Sleeping

There’s an issue we all need to discuss.

Tables littered with books and no owner in sight are intensely irritating.

But at least they normally show face at some point.

But so, so much worse is the nappers. The people whose lives are a road to failure, paved with good intentions.

All the conviction to get up to get a seat at the library, but never enough to actually do any revision.

These incomprehensible arses seem to think that the library is the perfect place to catch up on their beauty sleep. They’re wrong.

Why risk your life on the icy pavements at some ungodly hour, just to dribble on the desk before packing up and going home.

The only excuse for lying on the desk is if you’re having an exam-induced break down. We’ve all been there.

It was ten in the morning when this one was taken. Perhaps someone should introduce this guy to red bull and coffee.

Then again, the library cat knows the unspoken rules of the this sacred building. If you’re napping at desks (you know who you are) use the armchairs in the foyer. For everyone’s benefit.

Or just preserve your dignity and skip Hive the night before for an early night in with a hot choc.