Holland House is best

This is why we pay more…

Many of you will have read the article on Grant House being the best halls in Pollock and don’t worry, your disbelief is understandable.

To clarify, the best halls in Pollock is obviously Holland House.


It has 4 blocks, that’s right, 4. Pollock is nothing without Holland.

And as any girl will tell you, size is everything.

Whilst we may not know our next door neighbours, we can at least go to sleep in our ever so slightly bigger rooms.


You may often hear members of Grant House boasting about how sociable their common room is, hanging out together braiding each other’s hair, bonding and smoking weed: #unaiii.

Yet, in Holland, we have a completely empty common where no one has any need for as no one knows each other, allowing you free access to the big screen TV whenever you like.

pop by the Microlab if you're cool enough

pop by the Microlab if you’re cool enough

Our pantries are less spacious than Harry Potter’s broom cupboard under the stairs, completely disabling any potential drinking games or social interaction.

However, this allows you to make a cup of tea without worrying about bumping into your next door neighbour who you’ve only ever actually spoken to twice since freshers.


Last but not least, we have our own toilets, allowing us the privilege of not ever having to clean up someone’s skid stains or wipe their pubic hairs off the toilet seat.

All-in-all, it seems pretty clear that Halls suck and we all can’t wait to be in a flat next year.

Stay classy Holland.