The golden age of Movember

Some of these guys look the same as they did in week one

It’s week three of Movember and our budding participants are nearing the end.

We’ve seen them blossom from young boys into fully grown men, watched over them during their difficult puberty and now we see our children entering their golden years.

With a straight back, head held high and a hairy upper-lip, these men can walk around campus knowing that every man respects them, and every lady wants them.

Totally joking. They still look utterly awful.

Aleksis, movember participant and full-time model

Aleksis, Movember participant and full-time model

Neil, ladie's man

Neil, ladies’ man

Rory, 'The Banter King' returns with a tremendous effort

Rory, ‘The Banter King’ returns with a tremendous effort

Glen, likes long walks on the beach

Glen, likes long walks on the beach

Lomingo, doesn't know what movember is

Lomingo, doesn’t know what Movember is