Edinburgh uni girls dress the best

No Edinburgh University girl would ever be caught dead with orange fake tan.

It’s a well-known fact that girls at the University of Edinburgh are the best dressed.

We’re not talking dresses and heels here – have you ever tried wearing heels in Edinburgh? No, because if you have you’re probably still stuck in a cobbled street somewhere.

Queens of the tight jeans, Princesses of the denims dresses; girls at Edinburgh pull off the effortless look and would put RADA students to shame with the ‘oh this old thing, yeah I just found it in the back of my wardrobe’.

Bold, brave and always on trend, they permanently risk fresher’s flu to look cool in crop tops and Birkenstocks in minus ten and make even the sticky floors of The Shack seem appealing.

Bare arms and toes - beauty is pain

ECFS reintroduce the Birkenstock.  Photo credit: Dan Harris

And it’s not to impress the guys who wear tracksuits at Why Not even when it’s not chav night. It’s to replace the old profile picture with a new, highly edited, so bleached you could wash the sheets with one of you looking fabulous on the dance floor.

Cue Arctic Monkeys 'I think that you look good on the dance floor'

Cue Arctic Monkeys ‘I think that you look good on the dance floor’

Unlike the skimpy dresses/ belts worn by the girls at Newcastle and the unisex wardrobes that circulate Bristol and Leeds, girls in the Burgh always look like they’ve walked off the catwalk and into the club. The St Andrews girls do give a good attempt, considering they have no clubs but are a few decades behind with their tweed jackets and wellies.

Really doesn't leave much for the imagination Kate

Sexier than a Jack Wills barber at least

Not only do the girls at Edinburgh have style but they also have brains. Brains which say that fake tan is never ever a good look. Unlike Oxford Brookes who have sunbeds on campus. No thank you. The only thing Edinburgh girls would want on campus is a Zara.

Manchester girls are also partial to a tangerine glow.

A girl at Manchester’s idea of heaven is a girl at Edinburgh’s idea of hell

Girls of Edinburgh University; we salute your ability to always look fabulous at every occasion, even whilst shivering in a queue, two bottles of JMCC wine later.

Gorgeous Edinburgh girls in Tatler. Vogue next..

Edinburgh girls in Tatler. Vogue next. Photo credit: Oliver Buchanan