The Edinburgh Uni Bucket List

Ten things in Edinburgh you just shouldn’t miss!

Arthur's Seat The Hive

Here at The Tab we have compiled a list of things that you ought to do in Edinburgh before your uni career comes to an end. Enjoy!

1. Hive ’til Five

Don't gets better.

Don’t worry…it gets better.

Some of us may think of ourselves too classy for a visit to The Hive, but at least one trip is a must for any Edinburgh student. What better way to spend an evening than with one pound drinks, cheesy music and the lingering smell of vom? During the Fringe or over the festive season are the ultimate times for such frivolity with licensing hours running until 5am. For a bonus point, try and get kicked out. It would be quite the achievement.

2. Climb Arthur’s Seat at sunrise or sunset

The view at sunrise.

The view at sunrise.

Whilst Arthur’s Seat is a must regardless of what time it is, it is said that the view is at its best at sunrise or sunset. Perhaps a climb up post-Hive ’til five could be on the cards if you’re not already completely gone. Stay safe kids!

3. Write on the toilet wall at the Elephant House

We all love Harry Potter, so what better way to commemorate it than by leaving your mark on the wall of Edinburgh’s landmark Potter stop? They do good cake too.

4. Find Tom Riddle’s Grave



Another one for hardcore Harry Potter fans. Rumour has it that J. K. Rowling took inspiration for her most loathed character from a deceased Tom Riddle’s headstone in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, just behind Greyfriar’s Bobby’s Bar. Definitely worth going on a spooky graveyard hunt.

5. Go to a Ceilidh

Great dancing skills.

Great dancing skills.

Many Scots are subjected to obligatory ceilidh dancing at school, but that certainly hasn’t ruined the fun. You never hear anyone say they hated a ceilidh and that’s because it really is one of the most fun ways to spend an evening here in Scotland. It is a great way to acquaint yourself with great Scottish music and a fab tradition. There are plenty of ceilidhs on all year round, including the Burn’s Night ceilidh at Teviot (only £5 – bargain!) and weekly get togethers at Summerhall.

6. Pull an all-nighter in Hugh Rob

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

For those of you who like to leave your 3000 word essays to the night before, Hugh Rob’s underground bunker is the ideal place to study over night. Just beware, on Saturday nights there’s sometimes the odd noisy post-Prow visitor. For reasons unknown.

7. Have a BBQ on the meadows

Mmmm just right.

Summer in Edinburgh is a wonderful affair. Whilst the sun does like to shine mostly during exam season (typical), a BBQ and a few cans of cider are the perfect way to celebrate the end of exams. Join the majority of Edinburgh Uni’s student population on the Meadows for what is quite possibly the equivalent of the world’s largest BBQing session.

8. Spend Hogmanay in Edinburgh

midnight on the mound.

Midnight on The Mound.

Edinburgh at Christmas time is beautiful and this goes on through to New Year, so why not return to the ‘Burgh to ring in the New Year either at the street party, on the meadows watching the fireworks, or, in true student style at a flat party somewhere, too drunk to realise that it’s actually midnight. The 30th of December is also host to Edinburgh Hogmanay’s Torchlight Procession led by Vikings (I kid you not!). It’s a beautiful affair for all ages ending with a cracking firework display down by Calton Hill.

9. Swim at Portobello

fancy a quick dip?

Fancy a quick dip?

Why not take a dip in the warm depths of the North Sea? Edinburgh’s own beach is so close and rather attractive on a sunny day. You could even grab yourself some fish’n’chips or, in a more patriotic style, a nice deep fried Mars bar. Mmmmm divine.

10. Visit the Castle at graduation

Edinburgh's finest asset.

Worth the wait.

Hopefully most of you will know that it is bad luck to visit the castle before graduating (fingers crossed this is just a myth for all of you that have made this mistake, don’t worry, I am among you). I know it’s tempting to go on St. Andrew’s day when it won’t cost you a penny, but what better way to celebrate making it through to the end of your degree than with a trip to the most iconic place in Edinburgh? And without the risk of jinxing yourself too!


Happy revelling folks!