Student calling campaign raises over £135,000

Student callers help raise thousands for The University of Edinburgh.

Over £135, 000 has been raised for the University of Edinburgh – all by students! The donations will go towards The Edinburgh Fund, Access Bursaries, and Sports clubs amongst other things, all to help fellow and future students in the University.

In the Charles Stewart building on Chambers Street, working as a student caller is a brilliant part time job. Not only are you getting paid to talk (who wouldn’t want that?) but it’s a great opportunity to discuss your experiences as a student in a fun working atmosphere, whilst listening to graduates reminisce fondly about their time at Edinburgh.

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There is the catch however, of ultimately having to ask the alumni if they would be willing to make a donation to the The University of Edinburgh and The Edinburgh Fund. Although a bit nerve-racking at first, the alumni are amazing and when you know that what you are raising money for – giving other people the chance to experience how WONDERFUL EDINBURGH is – then it’s easy to talk to them about it.

Caller Perrine chatting away to a grad – about lemon cake!

Though you may get the occasional objection and rejection, the marvelous team working with you makes everything better. The stories you hear from the alumni are often incredible. You could speak to an author who’s travelled the world, or an Osteoarchiologist (yeah, we had to look that one up), or even an alumnus in Australia! What’s more, if you get a donation there are some serious rewards

Caller Ellie and her choccie rewards.

Caller Ellie and her choccie rewards.

There are also fun and games galore at the office, everything from movie Hangman to GeoGuessr. And of course the Hoose Cup. Ooo! Taking inspiration from Edinburgh’s favourite wizard (there literally are Dumbledore points to be won), callers are divided into 4 houses and gain a point per donation. The houses battle it out for the ultimate trophy – a trip to Laser Quest!

 Team leaders James, Sarah and Matt.

Team leaders James, Sarah and Matt.

The Tab asked the students to sum up their experience as callers in one word, and we got: “Intriguing”, “Fulfilling”, “Eclectic”, “Euphoric” and “Indescribable”. Pretty impressive resumé there. And what about office romance, we here you ask? That too! Who knows, you may find the one…Especially when no-one cares what you wear to the office!

Looking fine OJ!

Looking fine OJ!

You may think that students do this just for the dosh (and chocolate), but there’s so much more this job can give you:

  • A brilliant addition to your CV
  • An excellent £7.74 and hour
  • A wonderfully fun working atmosphere
  • Development of core skills including  – Communication, teamwork, office skills, marketing… all that malarky that employers WILL LOVE
  • Flexible working conditions around your studies
  • An opportunity to give back to the University and to help future students have just as an amazing experience
  • Ensuring the University remains a world leading provider of education

Sound up your street? Then if you are”

  • A current undergraduate or postgraduate student
  • An excellent communicator and team player.
  • A confident person with excellent listening skills – no room for attention seekers here.
  • Somebody who is enthusiastic and passionate about the University.
  • A reliable, hardworking and dedicated individual.
  • Can think on your feet! – any Improverts welcome.

Then this is the right job for you! With a minimum of two shifts a week, it’s super flexible to fit around studying and living it up in the Burgh!

The next campaigns are 2 weeks each in June and August and new callers are always welcome. For more information: Tessa Birley, [email protected].