Breaking: EUSA have banned Potterow’s Big Cheese thanks to misogynistic song lyrics

Starting next academic year, Potterow’s very own Big Cheese will be no longer, following a ban from EUSA.

We’ll be saying goodbye to the Big Cheese next year, as EUSA have revealed that the legendary night will no longer run.

And the reason behind the controversial ban is the number of popular songs played which have demeaning and misogynistic lyrics.

Well, there is aways the hive...

Well, there is aways The Hive…

A spokesperson told The Tab:

“There are far too many songs which promote rape culture, we cannot ban them all so we’re hitting the nail on the head and just stopping The Big Cheese”.

In the past year we have seen EUSA ban chart topping “Blurred Lines” as well as declare Edinburgh as the UK’s first feminist University so is it really any surprise that the Big Cheese has been cancelled too?

Is this just goodbye to cheap Saturday night entry? Or goodbye to pop culture on campus?

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*Gotcha. Check out the date guys…