Edinburgh Student Skier going to Sochi

Fourth year Chemical Engineering Student, Callum Smith, is competing at this year’s Winter Olympics in Russia.

Next month sees the Winter Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia, and Edinburgh’s Callum Smith will be competing in the Nordic Ski Team.

Callum is a 4th year Chemical Engineering Student at Edinburgh who’s taking a year out to compete in this year’s games.

Callum has been competing since he was 8 years old

Callum has been competing since he was 8 years old

We caught up with Callum while he was at the holding camp in Italy to ask him a few questions.

So what got you into Skiing and what made you decide to compete?

I went along to an open day at Huntly Nordic ski centre when I was 8 years old. I then joined the Huntly Club and progressed through their children’s program and into the national development squad and later the national team.

We know (from stalking you on Facebook) that you’re into cycling too, what other sports do you do?

I do a large amount of running as training and do a few competitions now and again; I actually won a hill race in the autumn. Cycling is my second sport, I don’t compete nearly as much as I would like but I have done quite a few road races in Scotland.

Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh?

Favourite place in Edinburgh is probably the Pentlands if it’s allowed to be just outside? Love going training out there, you’re so close to the city but quickly into the hills.  Otherwise the Meadows, such a nice place when it’s sunny and exams are finished.

What’s your favourite night out in Edinburgh? Are you a Hive-Till-Five-r or a George Street Snob?

Favourite night club – not sure I have a favourite, definitely had good nights in both Hive and George Street clubs although I’m hardly a nightclub regular, Potterrow is always a good laugh so maybe I’ll go for that.

We can imagine seriously competing is draining, what’s your favourite way to have some down-time?

I have been away from home since November to do enough racing to qualify for the Olympics, between races and training sessions I enjoy reading and listening to music etc, cooking is also a hobby of mine so I do a fair bit of that whilst away. When I return from racing at the end of this season I will be coming down to Edinburgh and paying a few visits to all of the above nightclubs!

If you could meet any famous person who would it be?

That’s a tricky one- Maybe Maxi Jazz, lead singer from Faithless.


The Tab wishes Callum all the best in competing! Keep up to date with his adventures over at his blog.