Edinburgh Honoured

The New Year’s Honours List is out and Edinburgh hasn’t done too badly.

New Year 2014. Another year and another Honours List has been dished out by Her Majesty Queen Liz, and some of Edinburgh Uni’s current reps and old alumni are amongst the honoured few.


The Knight –


Sir Bird (Ha).

Sir Bird (Ha).


Who -Professor Adrian Peter Bird, the Buchanan professor of genetics at Edinburgh.

What – services to science. Discovered the “guardian angel” enzyme to help fight cancer.



The MBE –


Who- Derek Clarke, artist, former lecture at ECA.

What –  services to art. Having newly turned 101 (wowzza), Mr Clarke taught at ECA between 1947-78. He’s done some pretty paintings.


The CBE –

Who – Professor Alistair David Shaw Fowler, Professor of Rhetoric (apparently that’s a thing) and English Lit at Edinburgh.

What – services to literature and education.


Who – Professor Olivier James Garden, Regius Chair of Clinical Surgery. He also attended Edinburgh Uni in the 70s so we know we’re in good hands.

What – services to surgery.



Though none of these folk were as eloquent as Ruth Jones in her acceptance of her MBE as “bang tidy” (what a babe), all the honours were well earned. Right, maybe it’s time to start attending lectures….