Jimmy Allen’s implement new safety measures to tackle alleged spiking problem

The much-loved club has added extra door staff to carry out searches

The alleged rise of spiking cases in bars and nightclubs is at the forefront of the news right now, with over 2,600 students across the UK believing they have been spiked since the start of term. Groups across the country are organising ‘boycotts’ to bars and nightclubs to spark a change in approaches to tackling spiking.

Preemptively, Jimmy Allen’s have incorporated extra security measures to increase safety at the venue. Students can expect to be searched upon entry to Jimmy’s. Both female and male door staff are present, and searches are compulsory for all. A statement released by Jimmy’s via Facebook further detailed that body cameras will be worn by all management, door staff and several bar staff, and CCTV cameras in the venue being updated for higher resolution. Both before and during shifts at Jimmy’s, all staff could be subject to random drug searches to ensure transparency.

Alongside other Durham venues, Jimmy’s will have lids for plastic pint glasses and are currently sourcing a wholesale supplier for anti spiking devices for drinks served in bottles. In addition to this, customers at the much loved Durham haunt will be able to bring their own empty, sealable drinking containers to Jimmy’s should they choose.

However, it has been widely argued that increased security powers put nighttime revellers at more risk. Stop and search procedures, including selective searching at nightclub doors are disproportionately carried out on those from minority ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, security staff at venues across the country are often alleged to be abusive to customers and dismissive towards seemingly drunk individuals. Jimmy’s policy of implementing the same security checks on all customers aims to provide an equal and fair experience for all.

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