Durham students told to take all belongings home in case term three is cancelled

It is to allow for ‘flexibility in the event of further changes’

Durham students received an email last night advising them that if they choose to return home they should take all of their belongings with them.

The email states that this is a precaution to “allow for greater flexibility in the event of future changes, particularly any Government decisions to close educational institutions, as has happened in other countries.”

The email says: “Colleges will remain open as planned, but you are free to return home after classes on Friday 13th March if you are able to do so and if you feel it is a suitable option in your own personal circumstances.

“We advise you take all of your belongings home with you if possible.”

The email continues: “For students who remain, and for next term, the University is actively developing options regarding how best to house students in college accommodation who ares self-isolating, including how to provide them with food.”

Durham students have mixed feelings about returning home. Jamilla, a first year, said: “I’m going to try and take as much of my stuff home as possible. It’s all just very abrupt. But I think Durham’s actually handled it quite well, especially in comparison to other unis that actually have confirmed cases.”

Sophie, a third year, said: “I mean I don’t live in college and I’m definitely not rushing back. Most of the vibe I’m getting from third years is we rlly just don’t wanna go lol. We getting sad about uni potentially being over.”