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Here’s how to get your DUCFS 2019 tickets on Wednesday

We understand the stress

The long awaited DUCFS is back this year bigger than ever. Last year the fashion show sold out in two seconds. Yes you read correctly. We are here to give you all the steps on how to secure a table for one of the three nights.

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Holly Orchard photographed by Maddie Flisher, wearing George Clarke.

This year, the show is supporting the Environmental Justice Foundation. All the designers who are featured in the show are sustainable designers, using a diverse range of techniques to create beautiful clothes with the planet in mind.

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Models Luke Thomson, Oscar Noble , Holly Orchard photographed by Maddie Flisher, wearing George Clarke.

So this years ticket prices are as follows:

Individual seats will cost you £35 (+ FIXR booking fee £1.13).

Balcony tables of ten or twelve will cost you £55 (+ FIXR booking fee £1.63).

A standard table of twelve will cost you £60 (+FIXR booking fee £1.75).

A gold table of twelve is £67 (+ FIXR booking fee £1.93) and the platinum table of twelve costs £75 (+ FIXR booking fee £2.13).

Step 1: Get your friends together

Who do you want to be sat a table with, admiring the clothes, admiring the people, admiring your pals and admiring the alcohol? Gather your group and decide what table you are after (long before the tickets go live)!

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Gather yo main g's

Step 2: Elect a head of table

Choose your most reliable friend as they will be in charge of buying the tickets for the whole table and your alcohol packages.

Step 3: Confirm your alcohol packages

Alcohol packages are £12 plus the FIXR booking fee of 55p. In these you will get one bottle of wine and two drinks at the reception cocktails (fit). Then you've got to choose between red or white.

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Step 4: Transfer all money to the head of table

Make sure you have all sent the head of table the money before the tickets go live. Only one person is able to pay for the entirety of the table!

Step 5: Buy tickets at 12pm on Wednesday the 28th November

Buy tickets at 12pm on Wednesday the 28th November


All the FIXR links will be posted on the facebook page and will be come visible via fixr 15 minutes before tickets become live (e.g. before you can purchase them). Make sure you have a fixr account set up with all your bank account details to ensure you are able to make a quick payment and nab yourself a table. Tickets for Saturday 2nd Feb go live at 12pm on the 28th.

For the show on Friday the 1st get your tickets at 3pm on the 28th.

For the Thursday 31st Jan show get your tickets at 6pm that same evening.

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Hands up if u luv DUCFS

Step 6: Await confirmation and alcohol emails

The table head will receive a purchase confirmation email from FIXR. Later there will be a link sent for you to buy your alcohol packages, but you must buy these within 48 hours of receiving the email.

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A helpful screenshot from me to you

Credits from the photoshoot

Designer: George Clarke

Photographer: Maddie Flisher

Creative Direction: Jemima Bunbury

Models: Luke Thomson, Oscar Noble , Holly Orchard

Makeup Artist: Tsara Crosfill Morton

Location: HiYoU Oriental Food Emporium