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Review: Swingers at Players doesn’t play enough ABBA but it’s still a sick night

I ‘reviewed’ the ABBA night

If you didn't know already, Swingers is an event every Monday, at the infamous Players. No, it's not a sex night. It's an evening of disco bops, classic cheesy tunes and this week: ABBA.

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Your Durham Tab editorial team

A college bar crawl down, a significant amount of bloating from the amount of pints I'd consumed, I and the rest of The Durham Tab trekked on down to Players. With a very quick entry at 11pm (no one had to stand in the cold), I was whisked inside. Jaeger bombs were three for a fiver and everything else was relatively well priced – I was actually very impressed.

After a brisk conversation with the DJ consisting mostly of yelling "where is ABBA" at him multiple times, I was informed it would be on soon. Time passed. I fully embraced my ability to do some Fortnite dancing and continued to have a boogie.

More time passed, then finally, finally, "Voulez-Vous" came on – I died a little inside. I suppose my only critique can be the relative lack of ABBA (only about five songs were played) and the long wait for my beloved.

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The bar was very easy to gain access to and queuing wasn't much of a problem. Same goes for the loos – short wait times and they were surprisingly clean for a busy club night.

Players seems to manage its queues really well – always ensuring the club is never over capacity and that there is easy access for everyone to all of the facilities.

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Swingers ABBA night was tasteful – a nice change from classic Durham nightlife. Despite having to wait quite a while for ABBA, I can tell you I had a good time.


Overall experience: 8/10

Music: 6/10

Drinks: 8/10

See you next week Players.