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Durham police join MP in calling on council to review Missoula licence

It is becoming increasingly probable that Missoula will have its licence revoked

Durham Constabulary have requested a review of the premises licence of Missoula, gaining support from Durham's MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods, following the death of Durham University student, Olivia Burt on February 7.

The request by Durham Constabulary to review the licence addresses concerns relating to the prevention of crime and disorder, and public safety.

Blackman-Woods said: "I am pleased that Durham Constabulary has asked for a review of Missoula's premises licence, and have contacted Durham County Council to support this request and to call for a wider review of licensing in the city centre."

Highlighting the issue of public safety, she added: "a 'one size fits all' approach to licensing in County Durham is not appropriate, as it fails to take into account the unique challenges that a compact city centre such as Durham poses, and doesn't deal effectively with the risks in locations such as the Walkergate complex."

With Durham County Council set to review its licensing policy in 2019, Roberta is hoping this date is pushed forwards.

She said: "given the consistency with which myself and others have raised issues with the current licensing agreement, and the events which prompted this request for a review, it is vital that the council reassess the licensing policy as soon as possible."