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There’s a Durham college master inviting people to walk his dog with him

Every Sunday you can go for a walk with Stanley

Are summatives getting you down? Are you missing your dog?

Well do not fret for a Grey college master at Durham University sent round an email asking if anyone wanted to come and walk his dog with him last Sunday morning to de – stress.

We now know that this will be happening EVERY SUNDAY.

The college master sent an email to students with regards to his dog Stanley: the walk last Sunday was through Burnhall Wood to Wicker Miner and back and lasted approximately one hour.

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The dog is even in the email omg

Yet, Grey students were informed that although Stanley was exhausted last week he would be returning for another walk on Sunday (25th February).

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I actually think I might be crying

Students seem overwhelmed with love for this dog and wholesome content with people taking to twitter and facebook to share their thoughts

One student Milly Munro, who accompanied Stanley, informed us that:

"Stanley was adorable and the walk was really nice, although it would’ve been a lot nicer without all the mud".

Gutted am I that I have only discovered the existence of Stanely and his walks in recent days. We all need wholesome content like this in our lives right now.