A JoBo student is developing an app that will revolutionise your Newcastle night out

Who needs a wallet when you have a phone?


A Durham student is about to change the way you go clubbing by moving everything from your wallet into your phone.

James Colvin, an Economics third year from JoBo, is developing the app with his friends, Jake and Tom, who he met at school. They are working with Nathan Child, a professional software engineer with over 15 years experience.

The app, called Clubmate, aims to give you a list of all the club nights in your area, complete with information about entrance fees and special offers. What's more, the app will let you upload an authorised copy of your ID onto your phone, meaning you'll never have to stress about losing your provisional on the dance floor ever again.

James came up with the idea during a big night out in London:

"I came up with the idea after going out in London, and realizing the cost of entry to numerous bars/clubs. Along with this, a number of smaller clubs simply were not getting the volumes of consumers that they potentially could be.

"We then expanded our thoughts looking at the potential for a mobile ID feature."

The app is mainly focused on getting the best deals on your night out, as well as creating a safe way to carry around your ID:

"We hope that students will use clubmate in order to firstly decide where to go on a night out. If a club is offering cheaper entry, and as a student you are short of cash, then clubmate allows you to still go out and enjoy your night.

"The app leads to a reduced risk of losing your tangible ID, considering we have a developed a secure mobile version. Hence, there will be no more reason to take your driving license out to clubs."

The team have high hopes for Clubmate, and hope the app will be launched in the coming months:

"We want to see clubmate firstly succeed in Newcastle, after we hopefully release it around Christmas time. If this is a success, we then hope to spread the brand throughout the UK."

To follow all the updates on Clubmate, follow their Facebook page.