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Durham SU President labels Trevs Rugby Club ‘arrogant and rude’

The club’s ‘Thatcher vs Miners’ social has been condemned nationally

A JoBo student is developing an app that will revolutionise your Newcastle night out

Who needs a wallet when you have a phone?

DUO is down, again, two weeks before dissertation deadlines

To make your second term that tiny bit more stressful

Climate change denier and sexist praises Durham students

He called Durham ‘so sound’

There’s a lecture this Valentine’s Day on the links between Margaret Thatcher and pornography

Where else would you go on Valentine’s Day?

The Chinese Embassy demanded that the Durham Union ban a speaker at one of their debates

Anastasia Lin was invited to take part in a Union debate on China

You can now eat food past the barriers in the Billy B

The library is now the place to be

Durham Uni Fashion Show raises record amount for charity

They raised over £75,000 for the International Rescue Committee

Durham plans to cut Easter holidays and make exams last longer

It could mean no free time after exams

Stockton pharmacy students forced to move to Newcastle Uni not told until TWO DAYS before their summer exams

Over 200 students are being made to leave Durham

Former Durham student sent to prison for sexual assault

Samuel Bunyan has been jailed for 32 months

Caroline Lucas tells Durham: ‘Young people are absolutely critical’

She spoke to us about the importance of youth, accessible education and what she thinks of Durham

Durham’s NUS delegate winners have been announced

It’s likely you didn’t vote

Charlie Gray is Durham’s most eligible bachelor 2016

Boys keep your girls away from him

Anna Simpson is your most eligible bachelorette 2016

Girls keep your boys away from her

Chinese ambassador addressed Durham Union

He talked about students, Bill Bryson and his love of Downton

Durham’s most eligible bachelor 2016: The shortlist

Boys lock up your girls

Durham’s most eligible bachelorette 2016: the shortlist

Girls lock up your boys

Klute CLEANER than Cellar Door AND Fat Hippo

Shocking results expose the dirty dive to be spotless

Durham netball team dressed as ‘chavs’ for social

They dressed up in tracksuits and gold jewellery

We’re looking for Durham’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Nominate your mates

I always ask questions in lectures and I don’t care what you think

I don’t care if you hate me as long as they answer my question

Someone has found a campus card inside a Billy B loo

Presumably they couldn’t get out without it

It’s official: Castle is the most envied college

You voted in our Tab Durham’s College Survey

The Durham M&S may close down soon

It’s not just any shop shutting down

There’s a Durham locals Facebook page which really hates students

The youth of today don’t understand

It’s official: Durham students really don’t care about Stockton closing down

Are you even surprised?

It’s official: Collingwood has the fittest students

You voted for them in The Tab Durham’s College Survey

The Tab Durham’s College Survey

We already know what’s the poshest college

Tristram Hunt came to talk to Durham students

The former shadow Education secretary talked politics, youth engagement and Klute

There was a candlelit vigil for Harambe last night

Someone brought a french horn

A new speakeasy style bar has opened in Durham

The perfect place to go to pretend you’re classier than you actually are

Meet the Durham students tackling our mental health crisis

Don’t call them mental

How Brexit is your college bar?

Cos we’re all a bit xenophobic when drunk

Here’s all the new nights coming to Durham this term

No one works in first year anyway

This year’s Palatinalps could be the ‘biggest ever’

They took over Market Square this week

A ‘Killer Clown’ has been spotted in Durham, chasing children with a knife

This is too far now

There’s going to be a candlelight vigil on Palace Green in memory of Harambe

May he rest in peace

Durham graduates create app that helps you join societies

They’ve even got an office in London

Being in Durham in the summer is awful

Turns out some people actually live here all year.

Revealed: The gender divide at your university

30 per cent more girls graduate than boys

It’s time for the DSU to provide free sanitary items for girls

Other unis do it, so why not ours?

A Durham finalist so addicted to Instagram she wrote her diss about it


S Club 7 and The Cheeky Girls to headline Durham Pride

Ain’t no party like a gay pride party

We ranked our own uni as the 29th best in the country

A poll voted on by students hates Durham

Stockton ‘college activity’ set to MOVE to Durham

Relocation could start as early as 2017

Who is Giulio Regeni, the Cambridge student who was found dead in Egypt?

His body was found in a ditch in a suburb of Cairo

Do you even know what gluten is?

‘It’s like something in cereals and stuff’

Are dreadlocks a form of cultural appropriation?

‘It just doesn’t suit white guys’

The suspicious package in Old Elvet has been destroyed

It just contained CDs and DVDs

Shadow cabinet MP Jon Ashworth: ‘I’m worried Durham is pricing out working class kids’

Labour MP spoke to the Durham Labour Society this morning

Shaheen’s Restaurant may lose their license after crazy rugby social

Can they stay open without selling booze?

Third Years won’t be able to climb the cathedral tower next term

You’ve basically wasted three years of your life

FINALLY: Deliveroo has arrived in Durham

It’d be Deliver-rude not to

Fittest Freshers 2016: The Girls

They’re all hotter than you

Your library crush is normal and so are your fantasies

Get the library look

EXCLUSIVE: Loveshack smoking area to become “My House”

It includes a coffee shop

One less lonely Belieber: Bieber Appreciation Soc takes over Loveshack

He’s cool now

FREE Nandos: meet the founder of the Durham Takeaway Lotto

Just sign up

Green Party leader is speaking in Durham tonight

What’s a quaddie’s carbon footprint?

Love at the Library: When Will met Talia

At least one of them fell in love…

Durham student suing RFU after collapsed scrum left him in a wheelchair for life

He was injured in a college match between Chad’s and Cuth’s

This is what Durham used to look like

Turns out Durham’s really old

Monday night causes carnage with huge queues

Who goes out on Mondays?

Vice-Chancellor responds to funeral protest with jargon and non-speak

He ignored the proposed two year freeze

Durham students stage funeral for Accessible Education with a coffin and grim reaper

There was even a candlelit procession

Boys in shorts: You’re not fooling anyone, we know you’re cold

Your hobbit feet aren’t cute either

Love at the Libary: Tab blind dates

It’s not quite the Isle of Fernandos, but it’s alright

Can we agree Lumiere is a little bit rubbish?

‘Let there be light’ and behold it was crap

What would you name your first child?

They’ll only get bullied

Where are the best toilets in Durham?

Who says The Tab is full of shit