Durham SU President labels Trevs Rugby Club ‘arrogant and rude’

The club’s ‘Thatcher vs Miners’ social has been condemned nationally

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DUO is down, again, two weeks before dissertation deadlines

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Climate change denier and sexist praises Durham students

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There’s a lecture this Valentine’s Day on the links between Margaret Thatcher and pornography

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The Chinese Embassy demanded that the Durham Union ban a speaker at one of their debates

Anastasia Lin was invited to take part in a Union debate on China

You can now eat food past the barriers in the Billy B

The library is now the place to be

Durham Uni Fashion Show raises record amount for charity

They raised over £75,000 for the International Rescue Committee

Durham plans to cut Easter holidays and make exams last longer

It could mean no free time after exams

Stockton pharmacy students forced to move to Newcastle Uni not told until TWO DAYS before their summer exams

Over 200 students are being made to leave Durham

Former Durham student sent to prison for sexual assault

Samuel Bunyan has been jailed for 32 months

Caroline Lucas tells Durham: ‘Young people are absolutely critical’

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Charlie Gray is Durham’s most eligible bachelor 2016

Boys keep your girls away from him

Anna Simpson is your most eligible bachelorette 2016

Girls keep your boys away from her

Chinese ambassador addressed Durham Union

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Durham’s most eligible bachelor 2016: The shortlist

Boys lock up your girls

Durham’s most eligible bachelorette 2016: the shortlist

Girls lock up your boys

Klute CLEANER than Cellar Door AND Fat Hippo

Shocking results expose the dirty dive to be spotless

Durham netball team dressed as ‘chavs’ for social

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