Durham is finally getting a Pret

It’s about time

Fulfilling every collegiate students’s dream, Britain’s poshest and tastiest sandwich bar is finally due to open in Durham on Low Burnhall.

Pret a Manger, surviving on every street corner from the class of the King’s Road to the shabby heights of Birmingham New Street, is soon to satisfy our culinary desires when we find ourselves lost whilst separated from the delis and pantries of Oxfordshire.

With recruitment campaigns having kicked off on 14th October, we can assume that the doors to these bargain priced smoked salmon and avocado salads will be flying open imminently.

Castleman Engineer Magnus Pierre, an avid and dedicated follower of the food brand, told The Tab “I’m PRETty ecstatic that it’s coming to Durham.

“I can see myself getting many of their salads or Cauliflower & Kale Mac n Cheese when I’m busy with lectures all day.

“Maybe even a hot cheese and tomato croissant as well if I can’t resist. I hope they deliver to the science site”.

But it’s not just the Bailey that’s buzzing to say goodbye to the £3 meal deal.

When asked if he was excited for this addition to the Billy B luncheon option, Sami Assim, a 2nd year from Grey, replied “Yeah, its classy. It’s tasty. And it doesn’t make you feel guilty on the health front”.

This could soon be up for grabs

No opening time has been set yet, but Pret have been openly advertising for staff in Durham – and the store is expected to open this year.

As an alternative to working in the union, they’re hiring “team members” at £7.70 an hour.

Part of their advert says: “We wear jeans. We have legendary parties” and they also offer free lunch, which is nice.

Pret have been approached for comment.