Angelina Jolie has an exact lookalike from Scotland

She claims she can’t see the resemblance


There’s a 24-year-old office worker from Scotland who is the spitting image of Angelina Jolie. 

Chelsea Marr from Aberdeen looks scarily identical to the American actress, but doesn’t even think they look alike.

The doppelgänger’s striking appearance has gained her 84.6K Instagram followers, rocketing the self-confessed “normal girl from a small city” to widespread fame.

And she hasn’t even considered becoming an Angelina Jolie lookalike yet.


In a Facebook post addressing her influx of new followers, Chelsea said: “I don’t really see the resemblance myself to be honest, I just see the imperfections in the mirror like most girls do.

“I am extremely flattered to be compared to the amazing Angelina Jolie.

“It is very admirable and quite refreshing actually to see girls (and guys) saying kind things even though they dont know me.”

Chelsea admits she has no ambitions to become a model, and is instead content working as an Operations Manager for an oil recruitment company.

Chelsea claims she doesn’t see any resemblance

Despite this, her looks aren’t completely natural, and she’s admitted to having a few cosmetic procedures.

She wrote: “I have had lip fillers yes, not to look like anyone else but just because I wanted them a bit fuller.

“I had an operation on my nose a few years ago, however this was because as a child I broke my nose and therefore had complications with it and still do unfortunately.”

Apparently she’s never modelled either

She also had a boob job to increase them from an A cup to a B/C

Chelsea said: “This was purely because I had absolutely nothing there before and it was something I was insecure about for years.”

Chelsea now has over 80,000 Instagram followers after her likeness was discovered

Chelsea’s likeness was discovered when a friend sent her Instagram pictures to The Lad Bible as part of an Angelina Jolie look-a-like competition.

Sadly, Angelina Jolie did not enter the competition, and therefore Chelsea has been awarded the irrefutable winner.

She’s even got the single leg dress thing down