Housemates find drunk stranger sleeping on sofa

And he ate their cake

A hammered third year broke into a neighbour’s home seized by exhaustion and hunger – and crashed on their sofa.

But it gets worse. Not only did James Gibbons take an unwelcome nap minutes from his own doorstep, he also demolished the housemates’ caterpillar cake.


Big Gibbo rests after eating a caterpillar cake

Victim of the break-in, George Pearson, told The Tab: “I was about to knock him out.”

An understandable response to finding a cake-munching stranger asleep on your sofa.

His housemate Fred Swift, turned to Overheard in Durham in order to identify the visitor.

Victim Fred Swift named the cake thief on Facebook

He said: “Looking for the name of the miscellaneous gentleman who broke into our house and more importantly ate half of my caterpillar cake last night before leaving at sunrise.

“If you fancy reimbursing us with another caterpillar cake that would be absolutely ideal.”

Helpful friends of Gibbons lamented on Facebook that this was, “Classic BIG GIBBO” but not before over 1000 students liked the original post.

Nice Guy Gibbo

A rather sheepish James handed over a 12 pack of beer by way of an apology…and a new caterpillar cake, of course.

Big Gibbo was unavailable for comment.