Style Diary: Josh

We followed this guy around for a week because we thought he looked cool…

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This is Josh. Josh is a Law student from Van Mildert. Josh still buys CDs, likes weird YouTube videos and has a tendency to misread tickets of any sort.


Who said winter had to be boring? Josh keeps it simple and classic with a vintage brown coat, tying his jumper around the waist for flare and stays true to his natural colour palette with black jeans, beanie and trusty doc martens.


It was 9am start for Josh, so he had to forgo the morning hair routine. Never mind, since the beanie provides excellent cover for those bad hair days and adds some edge, as does the colour-coordinated shirt which is layered underneath his denim jacket, keeping him warm this on this chilly morning.


’80s are back with a bang, and Josh’s vintage shell suit jacket contrasts his neat white button-up, adding a dash of colour to brighten up his day. It can’t be easy basically living in the library.


Thursday means post-Shack or Lloyds and minimal effort. But pyjama fashion is in and the two minute walk to the Law centre means Josh can roll out of bed in his grey joggers, slam on his rucksack and hit it in time for 10. That’s dedication.


Birthday drinks means smart-casual, but instead of the usual blazer/shirt with jeans combo, Josh breaks the double denim rule wearing a Topman denim jacket, jeans and loafers. The key is in the choice of colour: black is always best.