Who’s Who? The Fashion Show!

The Tab dropped in on the Saturday night of the Durham Charity Fashion Show 2014 to pay homage to the crowning glory of the Durham social calendar and snap some shots of guests dressed their best.


Giles Harwood with Izzy Jordan and Phoebe Unwin

Ta-sian Litchfield, Jamie Brown and George Cantlay

Arun Nimba, Emma Oldfield, Imogen McInerney, Beth Gilbert, Lucy O’Brien and Samuel Cuthbert

Claudia Culley, Flick Reid, Lucy Seager, Ellen Wilton, Millie McWhirter, Alexandra Eastwell, Sophie Apps

Arun Nimba, Anna Gorska and Christelle Dahinden

Claudia Culley, Dave Parry and Katie Foulkes

Izzy Bullen-Smith and Sophie Apps

Tom Caffyn, Annabel Edwards, Freddie Frithz, Alex Stout and Claudia Culley

Izzy Sleurink, Toby Mackean and James Gallagher-Powell

Olivia Fox, Joanna Hitchcock, Jamie Harris, Chessie Hearn and Victoria Cutler

Charlie Crichton, Steph Smith, Alice Banks, Charlie Goodwin

Ta-sian Litchfield, George Cantlay, Chris Balfour and Jamie Harris

Harry Hill, Ella Underwood, Rory Dunnett and Charlie Willans

Chrissie Edgar, Harriet Bamford, Lucy Lovett and Oli Petrides

Cosi Mockett, Matt Norman, Olivia Fox

Jonny East, Chris Balfour, Dave Parry and Ollie Silverton

Rose Innes, Spurling Junior, Camilla Capaldi, Charlie Munton, Katharine Robson

Katy Alice Roxburgh, Harry McInley, Bianca Morris

Alicia Manley, Tyron King, Ella Gould

Aaron Basset and Will Wimmer

Tyron King, Charlie Budenburg and Rory Dunnett

James Middleton and Tom Garvey

Hector Bevan and Lucinda Moore

Cameron Macritchie, Luca Vincenzini, Hector Ahern, Fawwaz Janjua, Alex Pike, Jack Baron

Lucy Brice, Charly Binney, Veronika Rauch, Emily Castle, Karina Ferdi, Alex Luck, Jenny Clift, Beth Corfe, Sarah Tresure

Peter Bates and Patrick Ware

Emma Lever, Karina Ferdi and Lucy Brice

Jonny Denham, Jack Mauduit, Oli Gill and Rupert Harbig

Annabel Edwards, Jess Bishop, Joanna Hitchcock, Clare Doggart, Chessie Hearn, Cosi Mockett, Flo Jackson, Becky Prifti, Bella Bertolotti, Victoria Cutler, Phoebe Unwin and Olivia Fox

Rhodri Williams, Jamie Harris, Ta-sian Litchfield and Aaron Basset

Lucy Baker and Harry Stones

Cosi Mockett, Ajay Sangha, Alex Austin and Josh Thorneycroft

Jonny East, Dave Parry, Chris Balfour, Ollie Silverton and Alex Stout

Georgia Reynolds, Liv Martin, Genny Owen and Vicky Allner

Lucy Baker, Zoe Bancroft, Evan Williams, Amelia Thornton, Jonny Denham, Harry Stones, Eloise Desoutter, Jamie Brown, Jack Mauduit, Lisie Beeley, Ollie Schofield, Rupert Harbig

Jo Ayre and Ella Gould

Hattie Griffith and Ella Gould

Hector Bevan and Freddie Leech