Butler D Pool: an underdog story

We all love a good underdog story but they’re even better when it comes to pub sports. Butler D Pool take on Trevelyan A in the Intercollegiate Trophy Quarter Finals, and it’s going to get interesting…

Butler D Pool Trevelyan Trophy

There are some underdog stories that capture the human imagination in a way like no other: The Mighty Ducks, Dodgeball, and anything with Adam Sandler in it – these are the stories that define a team and their legacy.

Everything’s A-okay…

And now, we have another; Butler D Pool are our unlikely heroes, through to the final 8 of the Intercollegiate Trophy.

After having beaten Chad’s A away to the dulcet tones of Cascada’s ‘Everytime we touch’ to a packed crowd of about 20 passive spectators – that’s about half the college – the Butler boys face Trevelyan A in what is sure to be a nail-biting encounter.

The team after narrowly losing to Stevo A in the league.

The team’s performance in the league has been mixed this season, with Russell Bell proving the star player, having already put several 4-4 ties in Butler’s favour, whilst the incoming freshers have improved exponentially in recent games.

Bell’s watching you.

Captain, David ‘Danger’ Dodds has also been inspiring players with his exceptional sportsmanship and chat.

He’s quoted as having said to an opponent ‘Is that two shots?  I’ll take them anyway!’

In fact, his tenure has been so successful that the D’s have been proclaimed the ‘best team in college’ by the B’s captain.


The D’s were promoted from the Friendly Ladder last year, so their progress in the cup is nothing short of miraculous.

Their continued hard work and fidelity to the pub sports’ ethic are what will propel our underdogs into battle against Trevs A.

This degree of concentration just doesn’t come naturally.

The match has yet to be scheduled but needs to be played by the end of February.

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