Durham’s worst clique, you decide!

Whether you work hard, LARP hard or just like to rah rah ride stuff there’s a clique for you. But which is your least favourite Durham clique? VOTE at the bottom!


Durham just wouldn’t be Durham without the need to conform to a middle class social stereotype and as luck would have it, at Durham, there’s a clique for just about everyone.

We’ve made a little list of some of our prestigious university’s more notorious gangs and given you the chance to send home your least favourite bunch of Durhamite’s with the dubious honour of Durham’s worst clique!

Durham Rangers

Bonding and banter

Minimum Requirements: 130kg squat, sub 5-second pint and being extremely comfortable in your birthday suit.

Spend most of their time: lifting heavy things and calculating protein intake proportional to body weight.

Can also be found: pulling Purple Ladies (see below), pizza bonding in Zizzi’s and practicing their bant in front of the mirror.

Loves…hates…: the 3 for £10 chicken deal in Tesco…the Tab crossbar challenge.

At their happiest: watching their public school rugby highlights reel.

Surprisingly: graduating with a 1:1.

Redeeming feature: they win lots of trophies.

The Geeks

Work hard, LARP hard (CREDIT: Durham Univerity Treasure Hunt)

Minimum Requirements: You must have a work hard, LARP hard attitude, a strong distaste for sport and know Pi to +10 decimal places.

Spend most of their time: complaining about people eating in the library.

Can also be found: scaring the shit out of innocent little freshers by playing live action role plays and shooting nerf guns at fellow members of the assassins society.

When they look in the mirror: they see an unkempt beard, skin paled from a lack of sunlight and, strictly on Sundays, a cardigan.

Surprisingly: sociable when they want to be.

Redeeming feature: excellent people to know for last minute fancy dress emergencies.

The Thespians

An award-winning thesp!

Minimum Requirements: A working knowledge of Shakespeare, a good nose to look down upon people and at least one sexual experience where you’ve swung the other way (how do you know, if you’ve never tried?)

Spend most of their time: constantly writing/producing/acting in a play, concocting excuses for being late to everything and being way too busy to talk to you.

To your face…to your back…: “daaaaarrrling”….every man for himself.

Can also be found: at the D’Oscars (that’s a real thing)

At their most desperate: after the current love of their life has decided they’ve lost their deep emotional connection, and has run off to pursue the next big deal on the Durham drama scene. Bring tissues, preferably aloe.

Surprisingly: insecure.

Redeeming feature: endless enthusiasm.

The Lash Stash Gang

Deeply symbolic hand poses are their trademark

Minimum Requirements: Membership of a minor college sports club, the worse the better, and ownership of superfluous boozing stash.

Spend most of their time: watching the darts on the TV whilst practicing their downing with a yard of water.

Can also be found: pillaging college bars, chanting incomprehensibly and propping up the ailing 346 Mondays.

Favourite snapchat: someone downing something silly big in silly ridic stash, accompanied by a silly sick hashtag to the soundtrack of a silly beaut chant.

Loves…hates…: Beer…Tuesday mornings.

Will leave Durham with: a barely functioning liver and a blanket college bar ban.

Redeeming feature: the drinks are on them.

The Purple Ladies

They hunt in packs…

Minimum requirements: Earning a place in a DULax, Hockey or Netball 1’s or 2’s team, a staggering ability to hold your drink and the strength to carry a teammate home.

Spend most of their time: skulking around the library in their purple stash or piling into overloaded cars on the way down to MC.

Can also be found: transforming into Durham’s finest fitties on a Wednesday night, dancing in single sex groups and posing for Fred Ahern.

At their happiest: viciously fouling opposition players, flirting with the referee, proving they have better game and chat than anyone else in Loveshack.

Loves…hates: all girl library coffee breaks…losing

Surprisingly: sensitive.

Redeeming feature: cracking bods.

The Gurners

Minimum requirements: pure edge, only partaking in a fortnightly hair wash and having tried every drug under the sun.

Spend most of their time: high, in contact with their dealer or tying half of their hair up in a scrunch.

Can also be found: picking up on street corners, wide eyed in an after party attempting to roll a cigarette.

At their happiest: breaking a serious sweat on the dance floor.

Loves…hates: attending unknown music festivals…eating unless they have the munchies.

At their most desperate: when they run out of chewing gum.

Surprisingly: intelligent considering the amount of chemicals they regularly expose their bodies too.

Redeeming feature: make even the worst two left feet look like great dancers.

The Rahs

She got the gears

Minimum requirements: access to Daddys’ Amex gold, Cath Kidston bed sheets and being a capable rider (they’re well practised).

Spend most of their time: attending every fashion show, bidding on everything and making sure everyone knows it.

Dreams of: being a peg doll for an eligible bachelor.

Can also be found: pointlessly flicking their hair about, drinking champagne in every photo and secretly reading the Daily Mail.

At their happiest: food shopping in M&S.

Loves…hates…: The interior decor in their Kensington flat…all unbranded products, they give you cancer.

Surprisingly: poor (it’s all locked up in Scottish heather).

Redeeming feature: excellent manners.