Player of the Week: James Priest

We speak to the Butler C Darts captain, James Priest, who’s our player of the week. Having won the premiership last season amid sensational scenes, he’s been the main man for the team.

butler college Darts dudarts durham josephine

Name: James Priest (The Penguin)

Age: 21

Hometown: Without Home, But Not Without Love

Sport: Darts

College: Josephine Butler

Degree: Maths

Cocky? Never…


Best memory with Butler C?: Winning the league title in the final game of last season against Castle, in front of 100+ adoring fans (and 8 weapons in pink polos).

Biggest crush in Josephine Butler?: She has a boyfriend.

Greatest achievement in darts?: Throwing a 15 dart leg.

Is college darts better than uni darts?:

I think this speaks for itself:

Funniest moment on a Butler C social?: The entire squad being violently sick over the balcony in Varsity after an ill-advised three legged boat-race.

Priest, second from left, is a champion of pub sports. And flair.


Top on your Durham bucket list?: Slotting a last minute drop goal to win the Hill Alliance rugby match.