Making the most of Library 24/7

This year, for the first time ever, good old Bill Bryson is treating us to a whole extra term of round the clock library fun.

You know the score. You go with the best of intentions, you end up scrolling through the Spotted Facebook page, yet you still feel more productive because you’re sitting in a room full of books. As passing out surrounded by chocolate in front of ‘The Snowman’ becomes a distant memory, remember that there are so many things to keep you from studying that you can effectively move into the library.

1. Sleep

Why bother trekking home in the dark, books in tow, when you can sleep in the comfort of your desk? Yes, you can manage on a makeshift bed of books and a hoodie, but this is never as impressive as the true 24/7 soldiers who come prepared with neck pillow, eye mask and toothbrush. Pyjamas also acceptable.

Right idea

2. Library games

Freshers are beginning to learn that there is absolutely no shame in working just enough to achieve the holy grail of 40%. Suddenly, pratting about like you were in primary school seems like a great idea, so why not get inventive with library games? Spot the finalist, Hide and Seek and Pacman in the mobile shelving should start you off. Hell, if 2am kick out from Klute is too early for you, make BB a part of your night out – revision is a lot more fun after jaeger bombs.

Found one

3. Save on bills

Fuck it, you’re paying 9 grand, why wouldn’t you make the most of the free access to light and warmth? Leave your peasant-like peers at home and bag a sofa on Level 1 and catch up on TV.  It’s amazing how well essays and Netflix mix.

No, it’s not a Mac

4. Fall in love

The flattering strip lighting and 4am daze will make that guy or girl from your seminar prove irresistible, despite the unhealthy pallor and vicious body odour that comes from working in the basement around the clock. Pulling someone in the library is a whole new challenge, with the furious drumming of keyboards as the soundtrack and coffee as your only social lubricant. Who knows, maybe a simple ‘Are you a neuron, because you’ve got some action potential?’ will lead to one off your bucket list…