Romanticising the autumnal aesthetic in Cambridge

The leaves are burnt orange, and the nights are darker…time to live out your autumnal aesthetic!


Autumn is gorgeous. The crisp air brushes across faces clad with scarves, college puffer jackets and bobble hats/bucket hats (if that’s your vibe). Romantic couples walk hand in hand and jackets are passed from one to another to keep loved ones warm. Outfits include travel mugs of steaming hot goodness and cold noses are just irresistible. If like me, during autumn you find yourself living out one of your film fantasies, pretending to be Meg Ryan then let me show you how to romanticise your time in Cambridge.

Romanticising your life is about being grateful, slowing down, appreciating the small things and trying to live in the moment. We all know and feel the pressures of uni but it’s really important to look after yourself. Romanticising things makes ordinary days feel special and sometimes we need extra joy in our lives.


There’s something magical about going for a walk in the city at any time of the year but grabbing a coat, a hot drink and venturing out in this weather is unbeatable. The city looks majestic in the sunlight and twinkling lights that adorn windows and shops. Why not take a stroll along Parker’s piece, Jesus Green or along the river?

Image Credits: Eve Jones

Check out the botanical gardens and their winter floral displays. It’s free for Cambridge students with a valid student card and is even better with a hot chocolate from the cafe. Pro tip, their shop also has crystals for those in search of a bit of magic or manifestation.

Street style

I’m an Autumn girlie and there’s nothing I love more than snuggling up in a cosy jumper or a jumper dress. This season is all about oversized everything, comfy footwear and layers, layers and more layers. The only shoes you’ll catch in from now until Spring are either trainers or boots.

Remember it’s always worth checking out charity shops or online second-hand websites and apps. I found a great pair of knee-high leather boots online that I pretty much wear every day during this season. This is also a great chance to experiment with your accessories, and I’m not just talking about hats, scarves and gloves. Think necklaces, multiple earrings, rings, bracelets, piercings and more.

For those of you who still need the reminder – Parka jackets are essential for early mornings walking home after a wild night out. Sure that Gardies in your hand might keep you warm but nothing can compete with an actual coat!

PSL – An Autumnal essential

Can we even say the word “Autumn” without mentioning the three holy words… “Pumpkin Spice Lattes”? Whether you, like me, indulge in the drinks despite their cost or enjoy delicious treats sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, the time is upon us. Throughout the city, there are lots of variations of the flavours of drinks and sweet treats. If you’re more of a hot chocolate person then I’d definitely recommend Knoops and Jack’s Gelato.

An autumn necessity. Image Credits: Eve Jones


This time of year I always like to plan fun things to do as it keeps me motivated on those dark mornings. There are lots of wholesome fairs and fates to attend. Keep a look out for Kilo sales and Black Friday shopping events. Dare I say it, Bridgemas dinners, balls and events are upon us so if you want to get into the Santa spirit (and who isn’t?), dress up glam and enjoy the festivities.

Fun fun fun! Image Credits: Eve Jones

Books and films

If staying inside in the warm comfort of your dorm room/living room/cosy pub with a roaring fire (in my dreams) then I recommend the pleasure of a great book or film. So whether you like reading true crime, non-fiction, soppy rom-coms or festive titles, nothing is better than snuggling in for the night with a good book. If however, the last thing you want to do right now is read, there are plenty of TV shows and films to get you into the autumn vibes. We can’t not mention the classics like Little Women, You’ve Got Mail, Sweet Home Alabama, When Harry Met Sally and of course the Harry Potters.

So whatever you’re doing this week, I hope it’s filled with job a bit of autumn magic.

Feature Image credits: Eve Jones

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