Five reasons why Magdalene is criminally underrated

It’s pronounced Maudlyn NOT Magdalene!

Ah sweet, lovely Magdalene. There is only one college that has a place in my heart. My aim since I first arrived has been to stop the punters every morning yelling about our past. For any Magdalene haters – we have women now, must we continue to rehash the past?

1. Reputation

One of Magdalene’s most defining traits is the fact that we were the last college to admit women (eek). Magdalene, however, has implemented a lot of initiatives since then to reform this image. One, in particular, is the 1988 Social that highlights that Mags is indeed aware of its image and makes active attempts to change. If we were to point out every wrongdoing of any college ever, I can assure you that no one would be coming to Cambridge.

There are indeed women in this picture (Image credits: Olly Rose Holmes)

2. Social events

Magdalene College bar has unmatched vibes and undoubtedly has some of the best social events. From the highly anticipated Challenge Nights in Freshers’ Week and their coveted and exclusive May Ball every other year, there are so many opportunities to make friends (and also have absolutely feral nights). Our “BOP” juice has been known to cause many individuals to question their actions from the night before, and our non-alcoholic centred initiatives are just as good too. Magdalene has something for everyone, whether it’s Bake Off in the JCR or our cake at three initiative in the New Library. (Side note: Our college bar is SO cheap my friend from St John’s practically lives there.)

Magdalene College Bar has unmatched vibes (Image Credits: Eleanor-Jane O’Shea)

3. Societies

Magdalene’s up-and-coming poetry society provides a fluid space for creative minds and talent. We also cannot forget about the notable Magdalene Dramatic Society (who used to rival Pembroke Players pre-Covid) with some of ADC’s big names. Our flourishing theatre scene shows that Mags is being reinvented, and is on its way to notoriety.

4. Location

Magdalene is like a hidden gem – it’s next to John’s but hidden away from the suffocating tourists. We are also super close to Mainsburys and central to all the shops in Cambridge without being swamped by 50 million Cambridge students.

A cheeky BeReal to capture the moment (Image credits: Holly Hardman)

5. Community

There is this charm that comes with being a Mags student. It’s small, intimate and friendly all at once. Bonded through our small size and BOP juice, we very much emphasise being a little family first and foremost. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Garde Ta Foy all the way xx

Feature image credits: Joe Wright

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