Cambridge University’s King’s College covered in orange paint in Just Stop Oil protest

The demonstration is one of a series of attacks on UK universities such as Manchester and University College London

King’s College has been covered in orange paint as part of a Just Stop Oil protest, occurring around 12pm today. The protestor responsible has been photographed sitting outside the college, talking to police.

Just Stop Oil is a civil resistance group demanding the UK Government stop licensing all new oil, gas and coal projects. It carries out nonviolent protests in hope of attracting attention and urging support for its cause.

Speaking to the Cambridge Tab, a protester involved in this morning’s demonstration said “the inconvenience that this is causing is nothing compared to the inconvenience that hundreds of millions of people are going to feel when they’re dying from overheating.”

Protester speaking to police (Image credit: Kirsty Falconer)

The incident is not an isolated one. At a similar time, a female activist, referred to as Rugby,  poured the same orange-coloured paint over Manchester University’s Albert Gilbert building. Within the last 24 hours, many other UK universities have had buildings covered in orange paint. While the University of Birmingham has had its main library affected, University College London’s iconic Portico pillars have been painted. Other universities affected include Oxford, Bristol and Exeter.

King’s College covered in orange paint (Image credit: Kirsty Falconer)

The Just Stop Oil movement in Cambridge does not intend to cease with this protest. The recently released term card for Michaelmas term consists of various welcome talks, the content of which we cannot confirm, and two nonviolence training sessions.

King’s College has responded that it ‘is one of many institutions targeted by Just Stop Oil this week. The College is concerned about climate change and respects the right to freedom of speech and non-violent protest, but draws the line at criminal damage. Initial cleanup is underway and the site is being assesssed for any longer-term damage’.

There are many details yet to be confirmed, such as the name of the protester responsible for pouring the paint.

The University Of Cambridge has been contacted for comment. 

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Featured images via Just Stop Oil.