Eight things in Cambridge that remind me of the Roman Empire

A simple woman tries to understand why the Roman Empire has conquered the male mind


“How many times do you think about the Roman Empire?” I questioned my boyfriend, who then told me: “Not often.”

‘Not often’ apparently translates to once a month.

I was baffled. What could be causing so many Roman Empire thoughts? I decided to try and consider what in Cambridge reminds me of the Roman Empire.


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1. Classics Students

Yes, this was an easy one, but I couldn’t not include it.

2. Long tables at formals

It’s giving Roman Empress at a banquet.

Image Credits: Sophie Tallon

3. Wine, wine and more wine

Wine is Roman. It makes me imagine myself draped artfully on my chaise lounge, a glass of wine in one hand, being fed grapes and fanned with giant leaves.

Unfortunately, I hate wine.

4. Latin is EVERYWHERE

Is chanting Latin every so often necessary? I don’t think so but it definitely reminds me of the Roman Empire.

5. My first-year room

Basically, my first-year room had underfloor heating (big up Homerton) but I did not realise mine was broken until summer. My floor was constantly toasty and I was constantly sweaty.

I guess this could remind me of the Roman Empire??

6. People lying about how much work they’ve done

Rocking up to supervision entirely unprepared to discover your ‘friend’ whipping out notes can induce a feeling of betrayal similar to what I imagine Ceaser felt when he was stabbed in the back.

7. The University Library

I actually have still not ventured inside, but in my mind, it holds all the knowledge in the entire world. For this reason, sometimes I think about the Library of Alexandria which burned down. WHAT KNOWLEDGE DID WE LOSE? HAVE WE RE-FIGURED IT OUT? I WANT ANSWERS.

Image Credits: Matilda Head

8. Cambridge Fight Night

This charity event is giving gladiators. It’s a violent public spectacle. It’s Roman.

Even after writing this whole article, I am still confused by the Roman Empire phenomenon. WHY ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT IT SO MUCH?

Feature Image Credits: Creative Commons Licence via this link and Beca Jenkins

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