Which college do you really belong to? Take our quiz to find out!

Did you choose correctly?

Have you ever wondered whether you chose the right college? If so, buckle up because this is the quiz for you! Respond to these ten questions, make a note of whether you get more A, B, C, D or E answers, and let me decide for you!

What is your ideal Friday night?

A. A cosy night in with a movie and a glass of wine or two

B. Pub crawl! Pub crawl!

C. A wild night with a drinking soc

D. Dancing the night away at Junction

E. Playing board games with close friends

Favourite TV show?

A. Ted Lasso

B. Peep Show

C. Succession

D. The White Lotus

E. The Mandalorian

What are you wearing on your feet?

A. Doc Martens

B. New Balance trainers

C. Chelsea boots

D. Cowboy boots

E. Socks and sliders

Which way, western man? (Photo credits: Kirsty Falconer)

Favourite social media site?

A. Facebook

B. Instagram

C. LinkedIn

D. TikTok

E. Reddit

Where would you go for a drink?

A. A trendy wine bar

B. The local pub

C. An upscale cocktail bar

D. A speak-easy which doesn’t have a menu

E. Anywhere with a quiz night

Pub it up (Photo credits: Kirsty Falconer)

Favourite director?

A. Alfred Hitchcock

B. Quentin Tarantino

C. Stanley Kubrick

D. Sophia Coppola

E. Christopher Nolan

What is your ideal holiday?

A. A beach resort

B. Inter-railing

C. A swiss chalet

D. Greek island hopping

E. City break

Does the Parisian aesthetic appeal? (Photo credits: Kirsty Falconer)

Favourite sport?

A. Pickleball

B. Football

C. Rowing

D. Sport?

E. Chess

What subject do you do?

A. History of art, Philosophy, Archaeology

B. History, Geography, Medicine, Law

C. Economics, Land Economy, Classics, History & Politics

D: English, MML, HSPS, Theology

E: Anything STEM

Favourite book?

A: Wuthering Heights

B: A Song of Ice and Fire

C: Ulysses

D: The Bell Jar

E: The Silmarillion

Now for the results….

If you got mostly:

A = Sorry old timer :/ If you chose mostly A, I can only assume you were born at some point in the twentieth century. From Ted Lasso, the show that every parent swears is the funniest thing ever, to a collection of subjects that I’ve never seen an undergrad study, and, not to forget, the millennial-sensation of the year: pickleball (aka geriatric tennis). You belong in Clare Hall, Darwin, Hughes Hall, St Edmunds or Wolfson.

B = Congratulations! You’re one of the most normal people that Cambridge has to offer. Wear that badge with pride. Pub crawls, New Balances, Football: you have managed to escape the Cambridge bubble with your normalcy intact. You belong in Catz, Emma, Fitz, Girton, Homerton, Jesus, Lucy Cav, Selwyn, Sidney, or Queens

C = Oh, how you do live up to the Cambridge stereotype. Of course, I’m not sure there are real people who fill this archetype: holidaying in a Swiss chalet, sure, but LinkedIn as a favourite social media? Wearing Chelsea boots? Surely that’s a step too far for any self-respecting posh person. But, if you somehow managed to receive mostly C’s, then you belong in Gonville & Caius, Downing, St Johns, Magdalene, or Peterhouse. 

D = I believe you are what the kids call a ‘sidge girlie’. Yes, even if you’re a man. Artsy, oh so cool, but with an edge: you only narrowly chose The Bell Jar over The Second Sex; you agonised over choosing Sophia Coppola over Agnès Varda; and you get all your fashion inspo from TikTok. You belong in Clare, Corpus Christi, Kings, Murray Edwards, Newnham, Robinson, or Trinity Hall. 

E = Nerd alert! Sorry, but someone had to be. You fulfil the other Cambridge stereotype: very studious, very smart, and very intense. If you got mostly E’s, you surely study STEM (am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong). You belong in Christ’s, Churchill, Pembroke or Trinity. 

In conclusion, there are no real winners: only people who go to Cambridge. 

Featured image credits: Kirsty Falconer 

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