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The Corpus Clock has been smashed

The glass of the Corpus Clock has been shattered this evening


Police and Corpus Christi College porters have been called to the scene of the Corpus Clock this evening (Saturday 4th March) after the glass case has been smashed. A Corpus fresher claims that they heard a loud sound at around 8:50pm from their accommodation on Bene’t Street.

With recent updates, a spokesperson for the Cambridgeshire Police has said that a man with a hammer, wearing dark clothing, fled the scene of the Corpus Clock after he had attempted to damage the timepiece itself, but was only able to cause damage to the glass. The report had initially been made at around 8:45pm.

The actual clock itself, however, is still functioning and its ticking can still be heard outside and from within the Taylor Library.

Severe damage has been dealt to the glass (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

Professor Ewan St. John Smith, Custodian of the Clock, has stated that “the college is saddened that the glass case housing the iconic Corpus Chronophage Clock was damaged. The police are investigating the matter and we will repair the damage as soon as possible”.

It is clear that an investigation is ongoing and the police are in contact with the university, but no arrests have yet been made.

Multiple police officers and eye witnesses are currently present at the scene (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

The clock, invented by Dr John C. Taylor OBE and inaugurated by Stephen Hawking in 2008, remains one of Cambridge’s most popular tourist attractions due to its distinctive appearance and the intriguing message that lies behind it.

Just three months ago, the Clock celebrated its creator’s birthday by presenting a particular set of tricks to the public that can only be seen on four particular days of the year.

Anyone with information should contact the police via their web chat service or online forms at quoting 35/16857/23. Anyone without internet access should call 101.

This is a live story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Feature Image Credit: Patrick Dolan