Cambridge SU to host its first-ever Iftar

The event sold out on Tuesday

The Cambridge Student Union (SU) is hosting an Iftar for Ramadan the first time in its history on Thursday (28/04). Students who have reserved their place will receive dates and a free biryani meal.

All students are welcome, regardless of faith or whether they are fasting. The SU will also provide a space to pray for those that wish to.

After years of pandemic disruption, BME Officer Tara Choudhury thought an Iftar “would be the perfect event to mark a return to proper in-person SU events”, as she has always “loved the idea of a community coming together to share food and give thanks”.

The event has been extremely popular among students, selling out quickly. Muslim first year Faisa Mohamed described how breaking her fast alone can sometimes be an “unsettling” experience as she is away from family.

She felt that the SU Iftar will allow her to  “experience the community feeling” and “meet other Muslims across the University”. It also makes her “feel like [her] religious events are just as important as others'”.

Tara thinks that the number of tickets reserved is a “testament to how important it is for [the SU] to continue to run social events”.

To that end, the Iftar will take place in the new SU lounge in the University Centre, which Choudhury thinks is a “central and welcoming location”.

There are many further events planned in the lounge, including a postgraduate networking event tonight (27/04).

Organised by Postgraduate Access Education and Participation Officer Amelia, the event is designed for those that have “missed out on the opportunity to meet other postgrads outside of their college”.

Choudhury also added that the sabbatical team is “keen” for as many students as possible to make use of the new SU Lounge. “If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see us host, just get in touch!”

Feature image credits: Cambridge SU