We speak out about the new Vegan speakeasy in town!

A review of Cambridge’s newest Vegan restaurant

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new Vegan restaurant in town and I was (and still am) so excited for it! The Tipsy Vegan opened in October and, when my mum visited in a very slow week 6, we decided to try it out. This is the restaurant’s second branch, the first one being in Norwich, which we have already visited, and I am pleased to announce that the Cambridge branch is just as good!

The Tipsy Vegan can be found at the Quayside, CB5 8AB

The first thing you notice is the patterning on the glass outside the restaurant itself – a cut glass print which fits with the ‘Tipsy Vegan” name and the 1920’s style.

Inside, the restaurant (like the Norwich restaurant), is set out like a speakeasy, from the 1920’s-esque light fittings to the pictures hanging on the wall and the bistro chairs. You can sit at the bar, at tables or in a booth for that full speakeasy experience.

The 1920s are alive and kicking!

A view to the kitchen

Jazz covers of popular songs play in the background, as well as a few pieces of well-known Southern Bluegrass music. The staff are very lovely (some of whom wear fancy, elaborate waistcoats!) and the service is quick and excellent. Overall, the Tipsy Vegan has a relaxed and artsy vibe which fits in well in Cambridge.

A feast fit for a king

Now, onto the important bit: the food and drinks! We started off with some cocktails – Scramble in the Bramble for my mum, Panic at the Pisco for me, both of which were delicious (though we were saving ourselves for the alcohol-free drinks which are ultimately the best, more to follow).

Cool cocktails

The Tipsy Vegan ultimately deals in tapas sized dishes which are suitable for either sharing (I would recommend at least three or four plates between two) or for eating by yourself. We had a feast of artichoke and black olive arancini (my mum is somewhat of an arancini connoisseur – they feature high on her list), buffalo cauliflower tacos, Mexican bean dip, a Korean tofu bao bun and, my absolute favourite, coconut crusted tofu with sweet chilli mayo. I’m not normally a fan of tofu, but I am definitely willing to make an exception when it comes to the Tipsy Vegan dishes.

Delightful desserts

We also started on our mocktails during food – my mum always goes with Pineapple Sour, which is very delicious, but my absolute favourite it the seasonal Spiced Apple Julep, which has mixed spices, apple and all that Christmassy goodness. Feeling slightly full but still tempted by the desserts, we shared a rhubarb and orange pavlova and chocolate ganache tart. Both of these were divine (though next time I’m definitely getting a chocolate tart for myself!)

The restaurant is open late too!

Back to the menu

All their food is vegan (as the name suggests), their drinks are either Fairtrade or ‘carefully sourced’ (alcoholic, low alcohol and alcohol free) and it just has a very nice atmosphere. They’re available for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and every meal in-between. Go to the [email protected] for more information.

So, whether it’s a delicious hot vegan meal, a tapas feast to share with your friends, or just some wonderful, seasonal cocktails, the Tipsy Vegan is definitely one to try!

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