Cambridge Uni summer exams to be held in person and online, dependant upon subject

The exams also vary in format and duration across departments

This weekend the University of Cambridge released its annual Examination Entry Procedures document, which reveals that summer examinations will be held online and in-person. Depending upon the subject, they also vary in format and duration.

Some subjects, like History of Art, will have 24-hour online assessments, whilst other courses will have in-person three-hour exams, depending upon the module.

Of about 2500 examinations listed just under half of them (1213 examinations) will be assessed in person.  

Some students will sit both in-person and online exams. For example, in the PBS Tripos students undertaking the Philosophy of Science module will have a five-hour online assessment. Meanwhile, those undertaking the Human evolution module will have a three-hour in-person examination.

Some papers are being administered differently based on the Tripos they fall under. Students taking POL2: International Conflict, Order and Justice under the HSPS Part I Tripos will sit their exam online, whereas students taking the same paper under Part IIA of the Economics Tripos will be assessed in person.

Certain papers, including those under the Medical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences Triposes, have been designated “Online, In-Person Assessments.”

Students have previously campaigned for longer examination windows via open letters. For example, an  HSPS letter last year called for a five-hour long examination window.

Full details of examinations by department and Tripos can be found on the student registry website. 

Feature Image Credits: Bilyana Tomova