Culture Trip Week 0

All the culture picks you need as you return to Cambridge!

And we are officially back! It might be strange coming back to Cambridge and seeing more than just the head and shoulders of your supervisor (or just their forehead when they haven’t quite figured out how cameras work), but we can’t wait to get started again!

Coming back into uni can be a bit of a shock to the system, so we have put together a great selection of chill picks to ease you into Michelmas term…

Film – Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

2021 has seen a rise in the musical-turned-movie genre. We have seen the triumphs of Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights and the supreme lows of Amazon’s Cinderella. (Just why do the mice sing in mouse squeaks?? WHY?!)

However, despite Amazon’s rocky start, they have recently come out with Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, an adaptation of the original West End musical.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes)

It follows Jamie as he begins his journey into drag stardom! Great singing and great choreo make this cheesy musical a wonderful feel-good film. Plus there are some great names involved: Robert E Grant plays the formidable Loco Chanel and Sarah Lancashire is truly touching as Jamie’s mother.

Give it a watch on Amazon now!

Series – Sex Education

If you have been living under a rock, you might not have heard of the 2019 phenomenon Sex Education. Informative and funny, it follows the lives of Moordale students as they traverse sex, sexuality and relationships of every kind.

Season 3 came out in September and it is as joyfully mad as the other two seasons, from the new couples to the goat. Yes you read that right… the goat. We see brand new characters alongside our old favourites, and the writers continue to create story lines that are topical as well as funny.

Sex Education Season 1 (Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes)

This show is great for a chilled afternoon and you will soon be invested! Although, watchers should be aware that the series covers serious topics that some may find upsetting.

Available on Netflix now!

Theatre – Bull, Corpus Playroom

Live theatre is back and better than ever! Students across Cambridge have been working hard throughout the Summer to bring you new and exciting content.

The Week 0 show at the Corpus Playroom is Bull, directed by Ilona Sell. Bull is a ‘shockingly unpleasant show about the dark side of human nature’. It is an intense play that examines a capitalist mentality and who this ‘really benefits’.

Sounds dark, exciting and challenging… count me in!

Bull at the Corpus Playroom (Credit: Ilona Sell)

So why not take a break during this busy first week and see some live theatre?! It might even inspire you to audition yourself…

Bull will be showing 5th to the 9th October! Link to tickets here.

Album – Ursa Major, Marsicans

If you need some new inspiration for your ‘walking to castle mound at the dead of night’ playlist, then we have the perfect album for you!

Ursa Major (Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes)

Ursa Major is an indie-pop album that has a great chill vibe. It is perfect for late night walks, or just for something to play when working. At just over 42 minutes, the album is great for timing yourself and scheduling in regular breaks to your workload!

The album is available on Spotify and other music platforms.

Book – They Both Die at the End

I know that this book does not  sound particularly enticing from the title alone… BUT this is a brilliant read that is sure to get the tear ducts working.

In this book, humans have figured out how to identify the day someone will die (stick with me). People will get a call on the day of their death and then they have the rest of that day to live as they like.

Excuse me while I cry… (Credit: Charlie Scott-Haynes)

Following two young people who get the notification, this book is hauntingly brilliant. It shows the importance of living everyday to its fullest and taking every opportunity that comes your way! You might even find relationships in the strangest of places, at the strangest of times…


And that is our round up! Hopefully these picks will get you through this first week as you adjust to Cambridge life. Good luck and let’s get started…