Cambridge students tell us the story behind their favourite photos from this academic year

Because yes, you have not yet seen enough of everyone’s disposable camera photo dumps

This past academic year has been a very difficult one in many ways. With an entirely online term in Lent, the challenge of adapting to new exam formats in Easter, and ever changing Covid restrictions, it hasn’t exactly been plain sailing (and there was the added tragedy of Cindies closing RIP).

However, it’s been so nice to see the positive memories people have been able to create, despite all the difficulty that has gone on. So, although this year has been far from perfect, we thought we’d compile some of those happy stories and memories from this year, as a way of looking on the bright side of an, dare I say, uNpReCeDeNtEd year.

‘The first time I was in charge of a punt!’

Fun punting antics (Photo credit: Declan Boyd)

Declan Boyd, a first year Classics student at St John’s, talked about a photo from “the first time I was in charge of a punt.” He said,”It’s my favourite photo from this year because of its deceptive nature – it makes me look somewhat competent, which I’m not. Oh well, at least I have a couple more years to improve…”

He added that “it’s also worth noting that everyone in this picture is on the Tab Features team, which obviously massively increases its amazingness.” Can’t argue with him there.

‘The vibes this night were immaculate’

Loving life at the Jesus Green fair (Photo credit: Kayinsola Amoo-Peters)

Kayinsola Amoo-Peters, a first year HSPS student at Murray Edwards, absolutely loved going to the Jesus Green fair with her friends this term: “In the midst of a tough exam season, the Jesus Green fair provided a sense of release and the vibes this night were immaculate.”

This night was a “perfect combination” of some of Kayinsola’s favourite things to do in Cambridge: “From the screams coming from the rollercoasters to the never ending laughter erupting from the bumper cars, this was a perfect night that ended in singing in the street and late night McDonald’s.”

 ‘It was so wonderful to be back in Cambridge with friends’

Leeza’s first formal of the year from back in Michaelmas (Photo credit: Leeza Isaeva)

Leeza is a second year History student at Emma, where they were “lucky” to have household formals running throughout the year. This photo depicts the first formal her and her household attended together, all the way back at the start of Michaelmas.

Leeza had a really great night at that formal: “Even though it was distanced, it was so wonderful to be back in Cambridge with friends after basically not seeing anyone since March!”

‘Messy selfies from The Missing Sock’

Unfortunately the iconic glasses were harmed in the making of this photo x (Photo credit: Leila Lawrence)

Leila Lawrence, a second year HSPS student at Downing, told us about one of her “messy selfies” from a college swap event at The Missing Sock, which was her “first crazy night post-exams.” She said,”No socks went missing but the iconic pink glasses were broken.”

‘A little bit of normalcy in what’s been an interesting year’

Bottom’s up (Photo credit: Katie Pereira)

Katie Pereira, a first year Bio Natsci student at Pembroke, loves this photo from when her and her friends went to the One Last Time Cindies garden party: “I just think it’s kind of a cool picture and we’re just loving life!”

She really enjoyed the garden party, and also said that it “felt like a little bit of normalcy in what’s been an interesting year.” Ultimately, “it was nice to just sit out in the nice weather and mess about with mates.”

‘The best part of this year has been finding these people’

Can’t beat a little trip to Grantchester (Photo credit: Hendrikje Dorussen)

Hendrikje Dorussen, a first year English student at Robinson, told us the story behind her favourite photo, which was taken after having just been swimming, and “having battled the pondweed”, with her friends at Grantchester: “We caught the last summery day before it started raining again and everything felt so holiday-ish.”

This photo represents a lot of happy memories for her: “Without sounding too soppy, the best part of this year has been finding these people, and this photo just captured us in a very happy moment.”

‘Even with all the difficulties we faced this year, we can always come up with ways to have fun with our friends’

Can’t go wrong with fancy dress (Photo credit: Poppy Robinson)

Poppy Robinson, a second year History of Art student at Selwyn, came up with a fun idea, together with her household, to keep them all entertained in Lent term. They created a themed “bar crawl” around everyone’s room, and all the members of her household wore a fancy dress outfit to go along with all the different themes. In this photo, Poppy (right) went for Candyland-themed fancy dress, and her housemate (left) had the theme of Avengers.

Poppy really enjoyed the night, and says that this photo reminds her that “even with all the difficulties we faced this year, we can always come up with ways to have fun with our friends.”

It seems the disposable camera photo dumps cannot be stopped. And with photos and stories behind them that are as cute as these, I don’t think we want them to either. 

Feature image credit: Sophie Carlin

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