Weekend dispersal order has been put in place for Cambridge Quayside

The dispersal order has been commissioned in response to anti-social behaviour including drugs, alcohol misuse and violence

A dispersal order has been put in place by the local neighbourhood policing team to combat anti-social behaviour in Quayside.

Cambridge City neighbourhood Inspector Ed McNeill stated: “We’ve seen an increase in anti-social behaviour since Covid restrictions were eased at the end of March.” The neighbourhood Inspector also reported that “last weekend alone there were eight calls to services with reports of groups of people drinking, taking drugs and behaving in a disorderly manner.”

It is hoped that the order will “provide some respite” to residents, local businesses and visitors who have been affected by this recent anti-social behaviour.

Image Credit: George Ellison

The dispersal order covers the area of Quayside which includes: Jesus Green, Bridge Street, The River Cam, Victoria Avenue, Lower Park Street, New Park Street and Thompsons Lane. The order does not prevent people from accessing these areas at all, but enables police officers to direct people to leave if they have “reasonable grounds” to suspect behaviour displayed has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public.

The weekend dispersal order will started from 7 pm on Friday 14th May and was in place until 7am on Sunday 16th May. If people do not comply with the order, it can result in an arrest. 

Feature Credit: George Ellison; Rept0n1x, Creative Commons License

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