Thea Melton

Thea Melton
Cambridge University


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University of Cambridge to offer online courses to professionals worldwide

The new initiative, produced by Cambridge academics, aims to help learners develop and specialise their skills in areas addressing global challenges

Weekend dispersal order has been put in place for Cambridge Quayside

The dispersal order has been commissioned in response to anti-social behaviour including drugs, alcohol misuse and violence

Dr Kamal Munir appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Cambridge

He aims to use the role to make Cambridge ‘a more dynamic, progressive and supportive place’

We asked Cambridge students their tips for surviving Easter term

Procrastination? We don’t know what that is

‘Reclaim these streets’ is a Cambridge issue, and we need to talk about it

People of marginalised genders don’t always feel safe on the streets of Cambridge, and we need change

Seeking mental health support in Cambridge may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try

‘It’s okay to need help and it’s okay to ask for help’

Enough is enough: Please stop judging students for returning to Cambridge

It’s Cambridge not judgementbridge: Students should not be unfairly scrutinised for returning to college

Cambridge University: The myth of inclusivity?

The university reported an approximate 50 per cent increase in black students this year, but what is the reality behind this statistic?