International Women’s Day: 41 Cambridge societies empowering women in 2021

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

To celebrate International Women’s day 2021, the Tab has collated 41 societies (listed alphabetically) related to representing self-identifying women and non-binary people across Cambridge! We got in touch with the societies themselves to tell us a bit about what they do and why you should join.

This IWD, we wanted to celebrate the work that these societies have been doing in the effort to empower those that they represent. Check out their events and the amazing work that they’ve been doing; all their socials are linked so be sure to get involved!

1. Cambridge Girltalk

“Cambridge GirlTalk is a multimedia platform that aims to bring self-identifying women into dialogue, providing the inspiration and tools to spark change. We run events throughout term that span from craft nights to discussion groups. Recent events have included a panel discussion on women in human rights and a feminist collaging workshop. ”

Find Cambridge Girltalk on their blog,  Facebook, Facebook writers group and Instagram.

Check out the articles by Cambridge students that Girl-Talk features on their blog! (Credits: Cambridge Girl-Talk on Instagram)

2. Cambridge Period Project

“The Cambridge period project is a group that aims to reduce period poverty in the local community and university. People can get involved by signing our open letter, and following us on social media where a crowd-funder will be launched soon!”

Find the Cambridge Period Project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Cambridge Period Project fights to end period poverty (Credits: The Cambridge Period Project on Facebook)

3. Cambridge Women Who Lead

“Cambridge Women Who Lead is a new society dedicated to promoting female leadership. We host talks and workshops and publish articles written by, for and about student leaders and women who inspire us. Get in touch if you want to get involved!”.

Cambridge Women who Lead and Cambridge Women in Business are hosting a discussion with the hosts from Race2Rise podcast on Monday the 8th of March.

Find Cambridge Women Who Lead on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Cambridge Women in Business and Cambridge Women who lead are co-hosting a discussion with the hosts from Race2Rise podcast on Monday (Credits: Cambridge University Women in Business on Facebook)


4. CAM Women in Business 

“CAMWIB is a community of enthusiastic, passionate, motivated young women committed to promoting female success within industry. Our supportive network is integral to our ethos – the team of like-minded women continually prove to one another that anything is possible and no dream is too big. Aiming to raise women up and smash the glass ceiling, we platform as many diverse career paths as possible through our speaker and sponsored events. Our podcast clubs, socials and social media takeovers are also key to the CAMWIB spirit!”.

Cambridge Women in Business are co-hosting a discussion with the hosts from Race2Rise podcast on Monday the 8th of March with Cambridge Womxn who Lead.

Find CUWIB on Facebook and their website. 

CAMWIB offers networking opportunities for all business-driven female students at the University (Credits: CAMWIB on Facebook)

5. Cavendish Inspiring Womxn

“Cavendish Inspiring Womxn (CiW) is a student- and postdoc-led group in Cambridge, with an aim to help raise the visibility of womxn in Physics. We do this by putting successful womxn in front of younger womxn considering careers in physics by holding speaker events and networking sessions, mentoring schemes, social/welfare events, undergraduate study sessions, and outreach activities for school students.”

Find Cavendish Inspiring Womxn on their website and Facebook.

CiW is for all female and non-binary identifying physicists (Credits: CiW on Facebook)

6. CU Womxn in Engineering

CUWES was founded to bring together women in departments from across colleges and specialisms. We aim to foster a supportive environment, spotlight women in industry and academia as role models and inspire prospective engineering students. Starting up during the pandemic we’ve run sessions focusing on module choices, coffee breaks for post-grads and undergrads and led Q&As, all of which are open to anyone regardless of gender identity. ”

Applications are open for CU Womxn in Engineering’s new committee! Find out more about getting involved with one of Cambridge’s newest societies and have the chance to make an impact on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

CUWES aims to create a supportive environment for female engineering students (Credits: CUWES on Facebook)

7. CU Women in Media 

“Cambridge University Women in a Media is a society aiming to inspire female and non-binary students pursuing careers in the media. One of several WiM societies at campuses across the UK, and founded in 2018, this year we grew the scope of our events – hosting panels from ‘How to get into: News Media’, to ‘Disability in Media’. We also ran our first-ever virtual Networking Event & CV workshop sessions – whilst collaborating with groups across the university.”

CUWiM are currently recruiting for their 2021/22 committee! Find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

CUWiM are currently recruiting for these positions! Check out their social media if you want to get involved. (Credits: CUWiM on Facebook)

8. CU Women in Science 

“Women in Science aim to inspire and empower women and non-binary people in male-dominated fields of STEM by holding speaker events, skills workshops and social events”.

They are holding a study with me event on Monday the 8th of March and encourage everyone to attend the Wiser Academy Women in Stem conference on Wednesday, March the 10th.

Find CU Women in Science on Facebook and Instagram

CUWIS is currently doing study group sessions to help motivate science students through remote studying! (Credits: CUWIS on Facebook)

9. FLY

“FLY is a network that runs regular forums, welfare sessions and panel events to centre the experiences of women and non-binary people of colour in Cambridge”.

Events include a C.A.R.E event on Thursday March 11th, and Reclaim the Night Virtual Vigil a co-hosted with the Cambridge SU Women’s campaign on Friday the 12th of March.

Find Fly Cambridge on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Reclaim the Night Virtual Virgil is being held by the Su Women’s Campaign and FLY (Credits: SU Women’s Campaign on Facebook)

10. Loud and Clear 

“Loud and Clear is an intersectional campaign for all genders, but focusing on issues that disproportionately affect people of marginalised genders. We fight for a survivor-oriented approach to sexual misconduct procedure and to combat the cultures of silence and victim-blaming which are so pervasive at this University, creating safer spaces for students and amplifying the voices of those who have experienced misconduct.”

Find Loud and Clear on Facebook and Instagram

These are the campaign goals for Loud and Clear for March! Get involved with the group to help in achieving them. (Credits: Loud and Clear on Facebook)

11. Notorious

“Notorious is a 16-piece, all-female A cappella group from various colleges across Cambridge and who perform repertoire from female artists dressed in pink! Following through with our usual tradition of an International Women’s Day concert, we’ve prepared a virtual performance of ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac, arranged by one of their singers, Emilia Grace.”

Find Notorious on Facebook and Instagram

Notorious is an all-female A cappella group with members from all over Cambridge! (Credits: Notorious on Facebook)

12. SU women’s campaign

The Women’s campaign supports and represents all women (including those who self-define as women) and non-binary students at Cambridge. Alongside campaigning and providing a variety of services, resources and events for women in Cambridge, they aim to create a community of care and solidarity. On Tuesday, March 9th they’re hosting a Trauma-Informed Activism Panel and Friday the 12th March they’re co-hosting Reclaim the Night Virtual Vigil with FLY .

Find the SU women’s campaign on the SU website, Facebook and Instagram

The SU Women’s Campaign represents the interests of Women and Non-Binary students through weekly forums and campaign events. (Credits: SU Women’s Campaign on Facebook)

13. The Old Vag Club

“The Old Vag club is an alternative theatre company ran with the aim of amplifying the voices of self-identifying women and other marginalised genders. We organise online scratch nights where the proceeds go to local charities. These include short, student-written performances from standup to original songs. OVC also puts on an annual verbatim performance called ‘Public house’ which is made up of anonymous testimonies sent in by sexual assault survivors with 50% of proceeds going to Cambridge Rape Crisis. We hope to put on some discussion-based evenings around feminism in theatre and, in a normal year, OVC funds shows around Cambridge. OVC also involved in working with ADC In trying to reform/put in place disciplinary procedures.”

Find The Old Vag Club on Facebook.

The Old Vag Club are hosting a scratch night in collaboration with the SU Women’s Campaign this month, as part of the Reclaim the Night Campaign. (Credits: SU Women’s Campaign on Facebook)

14. UN Women UK Cambridge

“UN Women UK Cambridge aims to empower women and raise awareness, both on campus and internationally about women and girls’ issues. We host informative events and discussions with expert speakers on topics ranging from the pandemic to violence against women as part of the UN’s Draw A Line campaign”.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, they are co-hosting a panel event with Student Action for Female Education on the global barriers to girls’ education on Friday the 12th of March.

Find UN women UK Cambridge on their Website,  Facebook and Instagram.

UN Women UK Cambridge are hosting an event with Student Action for Female Education on Friday March 12th (Credits: UN Women UK Cambridge on Facebook)

College Societies

If you’re interested in getting involved with feminist discussions and campaigns, check if your college has a FemSoc, or something similar. Many are also hosting a range of accessible events for International Women’s day!

15. Christ’s- Christ’s College Feminist Society

16. Churchill- Churchill College Feminist Society

17. Clare- Clare Gender Equality Movement

18. Corpus Christi- Various discussion groups

19. Downing- Downing FemSoc

20. Emmanuel-Emma FemSoc

21. Fitzwilliam- Fitz FemSoc

22. Girton- Girton FemSoc

23. Gonville and Caius- Caius FemGen Soc

24. Homerton- Homerton Intersectional Feminist Society

25. Hughes Hall- Hughes Hall FemSoc

26. Jesus- Jesus College Feminist Society

27. King’s- King’s Feminist Society

28. Lucy Cavendish – Lucy Cavendish Feminist Society

29. Magdalene- The 1988 Club

30. Murray Edwards- Murray Edwards FemSoc

31. Newnham- Newnham College Feminist Society

32. Pembroke- The Jo Cox Feminist Society

33. Peterhouse- The Beard Society

34. Queens- Queens’ (and friends) Feminist Society

35. Robinson- Anna Cutland Feminist Society

36. Selwyn- Selwyn FemSoc

37. Sidney Sussex- Sidney Sussex FemSoc

38. St Catherine’s- Catz FemSoc

39. St John’s- St John’s FemSoc

40. Trinity- Trinity College Feminism Society

41. Trinity Hall- THFemFo

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, but this International Women’s Day the Tab would not only like to celebrate those who self-identify as women and non-binary, but also the amazing Cambridge students who are trying to make the university and the world a more equal and inclusive place! Happy International Women’s Day 2021!!

(Feature image credits: Selwyn Fem SocCambridge University Women in MediaCambridge Women in BusinessLoud and ClearUN Women UK Cambridge, SU Women’s CampaignNotoriousFLYCU Women in Science SocietyCU Womxn in Engineering SocietyCavendish Inspiring WomxnThe Cambridge Period Project and Cambridge Girl Talk)

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