Culture Trip: The Culture and the Trip: Tokyo Drifting in Week Three

The Tab’s cultural top picks for your third week of online term

We made it! We have somehow arrived at Week Three, exactly halfway between the chaos of Week One and the blues of Week Five! Never fear dear reader, your Tab Cultural team have got some spicy suggestions on how you can procrastinate culturally enrich yourselves during Pink Week!

Before we get into the meat and bones of my cultural recommendations for the week, I would like to direct your attention towards the incredible Pink Week Term card! The challenge of going online has clearly not fazed the Pink Week committee who boast an impressive line up of tremendously diverse events to punctuate your week and all for an amazing cause! Check out their term card below!

(Credit: Cambridge Pink Week 2021)

Album: Legally Blonde The Musical (2007)

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Omigod You Guys! Yes, yes, I know we usually start with a book but Elle Woods is the perfect choice of soundtrack to go with pink week so just Take It Like a Man and give it a listen.

I’m Serious! Whether What You Want, is the upbeat tempo to get you Whipped Into Shape for Week Three, or whether you would just feel So Much Better after a nostalgia trip to 2019’s Lent Term Musical, you need to add these tracks to your running playlist. Personally, I like to Bend And Snap through the Blood in the Water of online supervisions in order to stay Positive! *Writes as I sing through the soundtrack*

Film: The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

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As we enter the week of the commencement of proceedings for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, what better film to make you appear obnoxiously knowledgable on the federal laws on inciting riots than a film based on the trial of seven men convicted of, you guessed it, inciting a riot! Featuring Cambridge Alumni Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen, this powerful take on the corrupt American legal system of the 1960s is a must-watch for any aspiring lawyers, screenwriters or rioters (I won’t judge).

TV Series: Bridgerton (2020)

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Here at the Tab we LOVE Bridgerton- in fact we never stop writing about it! By this point there is really no excuse for not having seen it, so get viewing! The steamy courtship of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings will help you refine your etiquette so that you will be able to secure a match in the first post-Covid season (RAG blind date anyone?) and avoid scandalous behaviour when we are able to return to our balls. Also, at this point, an encyclopaedic knowledge of Bridgerton is fairly foundational for further enjoyment of Tab content so why not go and give it a watch now?

Theatre: The Backwards People

(Credit: Publicity designed by Jonathan Powell)

The ADC Online calendar for Lent 2021 kicks off this week with The Backwards People. Proving that Cambridge Theatre can continue in the face of a global pandemic, this dystopian radio play is unmissable for any Cambridge thesps missing the ADC or apprehensive about how their own theatrical projects will translate to an online platform.

Book: The Godfather Series by Mario Puzo (1984 & 1987)

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Okay, you caught me. I am not the bookworm I once was. Has lockdown trapped me with only one book in my possession? Possibly. Am I obsessed with it? Maybe. Is that book a book that you should read? Definitely. I have spent long hours racking my brain in an attempt to find a tangental connection to Week Three in Cambridge (the best I have is that “Daddy” Toope serves as a Godfather to us all) but I shall instead just assert that The Godfather is my absolute favourite book and I implore you to give it a read. It’s great, I promise. I swear.

Radio Panel Show: I Swear I’m Not Doing A Bit (Cam FM)

(Credit: Publicity designed by Sylvie Majorova)

One of the silver linings of this online time has been the revival of one of the great staples of entertainment, the comedy radio panel show! Boasting some of the finest comedic minds in Cambridge, this hilarious and innovative panel show electrifies Cam FM every Friday at 6pm, don’t change that channel!

And that’s all we have this week, have a wonderful week 3 and take care out there! We’ll be back again at the same bat-time next week to help you maintain your cultural rigour in Week Four. See you then and don´t miss us too much!

Feature image credit: Cambridge Pink Week 2021

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