Babies, boundaries and banana bread: Latest YCA podcast out now

Recorded over Zoom but still packed with the usual cracking advice

We’re back! Five weeks in and we have a third podcast for you, via Zoom to stay Covid-safe and full of helpful wisdom. Click here to listen!

Tune in to hear Your College Aunts address the juicier questions not featured in this week’s column and, listen to Leila’s baking exploits, fears of childbirth and Crushbridge story alongside Xanthe’s latest tipsy texting and bright idea to make a new friend.

Avoiding friends’ emotional baggage, using Covid as an excuse to message an ex and finding new friends in a pandemic – we tackle all that and more!

If that hasn’t convinced you to stop what you’re doing and listen to us – it’s a lockdown so you have literally no excuse – then here are some quotes to entice you in:

‘Where there is a will there is a way, maybe it’s in the queue to Pret!’

‘They probably don’t want a message from you; they probably want you to F-off’

‘Can tick that off the Cambridge bucket list’

‘Stop with this friendship monogamy business’

‘Relationship, situationship, whatever you want to call them these days’

‘I’m not in a space where I least expect it, I actively don’t want it!’

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Your College Aunts x

Have any worries?

Here is the link for next week, submit your questions and worries to your heart’s content.

Cover image artwork: Hanna Ladbrooke