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The most iconic looks and signs from the strikes so far

Pineapple men, XR dogs and tricycles

Today, University College Union (UCU) and Extinction Rebellion (XR) took to the streets of Cambridge, campaigning for fairer pay and pensions. Accompanied by a fanfare, equipped with drums and speakers, the protesters marched down King's Parade in style, before stopping at the Senate House.

They certainly didn't hold back on their wardrobe choice this morning. There were some stunning looks on the scene, coupled with artistic banners that stole the show.

Here's a low-down of the most iconic looks of the day:

1. Pineapple Man

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I still can't get my head round the pineapple symbolism. Pineapples have a sharp, thorny shell but are sweet inside?

2. Rainbow Tricycle Boi

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The only protester who bagged themselves a seat for the whole affair. Smart guy.

3. XR Dog

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Definitely the cutest outfit around. Unfortunately, this protester wasn't able to articulate their thoughts on the strikes.

4. Remembering the Australian Bushfires

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This lovely lady chose to raise awareness for the Australian bushfires that tore through the country over the last few months. Poignant and powerful, this painting put a global perspective on the issue.

5. Does what it says on the tin

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I spent a large part of my primary school career trying to master writing a 'Graffitti S' and I can verify that these guys have nailed it.

6. High Vis Lady

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She also chose to take a more international spin on the strikes, bringing refugees into the equation.

7. The Trump Punster

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While I admire this sign immensely for its creativity and knock-off of Trump's campaign, I think its needs to be spun around for clarity. Great again… make our? What?

8. Elementary Letters Sign

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There's something oddly playful about the font size here. Perhaps the message is that it's really not that hard to understand the climate emergency – even a child could read and understand it?

9. Musical Lady

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Once a thesp, always a thesp. This lady couldn't help but bring a little bit of musical flair to the strikes today.

10. The Big Boi

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This sign takes three people to hold up. It's a miracle it didn't blow away. Credit to the man in the middle holding it all together.

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