Apply NOW to join the Tab team in Lent 2020

The Tab needs you!!

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Applications to join the most read student newspaper in the country are now open!

The Tab offers opportunities for your articles to be read nationally, fun socials, lots of opportunities for progression, a friendly team and a platform for you to try out writing.

We have a tonne of positions open (many will have multiple editors in the role!) but please remember that you don't need to be an editor to write for us – we have a writers group for commissions and you can always dm the Facebook page with article ideas 🙂

Sounds great, right? So how do I join?

Have a read over of the positions we want and apply here.

Please email [email protected] with any questions!

Apply by 5th January!

We can ensure lots of stash, fun weekly meetings (we bring food!) and so much support and Tab love <333

The positions:

Features editors

The most Tab of the positions – Which winter love island star is your college? Where are the best cheesy chips in Cambridge? This editor has the biggest remit and often writes and commissions the most fun articles.

Theatre editors

Run the Cam theatre scene (or at least coordinate all the reviews). This role allows you to make sure Cam theatre gets the recognition it deserves.

Culture editors

Cambridge has culture outside of the ADC! Cover art, music, whatever you want that you think deserves writing about.

Interviews editors

Your chance to mingle with the various visitors to Cam and maybe flex on your insta story. Also an opportunity to talk to those dominating Cambridge gossip.

Fashion editors

Help continue the Tab's amazing photoshoots – work with other aspiring photographers and and makeup artists, as well as telling us all how to dress (there are outfit options outside of a leavers hoodie and joggers!)

Lifestyle editors

Tell us about the best places to eat in Cambridge, how to navigate Cambridge Tinder (otherwise known as hell on earth) or if Christ's Piece's is nicer than Parker's Piece for picnic date. Cambridge is your oyster.

Opinions editors

Fast-paced and controversial – one of the most exciting roles. A chance to give your take on the latest Cam events, as well as commission. There is wide scope in this role, from writing about why Fez is the worst club in Cambridge (the correct opinion) to criticising a Union guest.

News editors and news reporters

Cambridge is a fast-paced environment, with lots of things happening. Breaking big stories is key to the Tab's success and often these stories can reach the national press! Also a chance to write the Tab's legendary news column.

Sports editors

Cam sports is huge and with the Boat Race coming up, sports is a really exciting section to head. We can't promise you a blazer though, sorry :((

Social media manager

Run the Tab's Instagram! We have a big following on insta and maintaining and growing this is super important for spreading our content. Meme knowledge also required.


Write about whatever you want! From sex to supervisions, we want your ideas and originality.

Tab TV presenter/creative/video editor

TabTV team needs presenters, as well as those capable at video editing. Fancy yourself the next Alison Hammond (queen of This Morning) -this is the role for you.

We really look forward to getting your applications here <3 Lots of Tab Love and good luck xx