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Cambridge halloween costume round-up

These deserve at least a 2:1 for effort

Essay crises and impending mid-term blues clearly haven't stopped Cambridge students from dressing to impress this Halloween. From an impressive Mona Lisa reincarnation to a Stranger Things inspired shirt, The Tab tracked down the best of Cambridge's Halloween outfits this year.

Izzy, 3rd year, Clare

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Mona has never looked this good

Rosa, Beth, Emma, Nick, 2nd years, Clare

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(The inspiration behind this costume, for those who can't tell)

Frank, 3rd year, Homerton

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Almost as scary as finals

Marija and Natalie, 1st year grads, Pembroke

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Mia Wallace x2

Lucie, 2nd year, Homerton

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Edan, 3rd year, Emmanuel

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Precarious posing – very in character

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Captain Morgan ft… Captain Morgan

Diego, 1st year grad, Pembroke

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Those who watch Netflix's 'Stranger Things' will get this one

Samantha, Zara, Duvessa, 2nd years, Fitzwilliam

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Team Rocket

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Ethan, 1st year, Churchill

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A* for effort

Emmanuel, 3rd year, Homerton

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Cruella de Vil meets silver fox?

Jali and Miles, 4th year, King's

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Impressive dedication to a 'Sin in the Middle Ages' theme. For those unsure, Google 'medieval penis tree'. You're welcome.

Grace, Eliane, and Toby, 2nd years, Emmanuel

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'Pirates and treasure'

Lola, Emily, Eve, and Summer, 3rd years, Fitzwilliam

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Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade would be proud of this Bratz Dolls costume

Dan, 1st year grad, Pembroke

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'Bloody Boris'. Bloody terrifying.

And finally…

A truly standout costume, spotted in Wilko on Fitzroy Street.

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