Cambridge halloween costume round-up

These deserve at least a 2:1 for effort

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Essay crises and impending mid-term blues clearly haven't stopped Cambridge students from dressing to impress this Halloween. From an impressive Mona Lisa reincarnation to a Stranger Things inspired shirt, The Tab tracked down the best of Cambridge's Halloween outfits this year.

Izzy, 3rd year, Clare

Mona has never looked this good

Rosa, Beth, Emma, Nick, 2nd years, Clare

(The inspiration behind this costume, for those who can't tell)

Frank, 3rd year, Homerton

Almost as scary as finals

Marija and Natalie, 1st year grads, Pembroke

Mia Wallace x2

Lucie, 2nd year, Homerton

Edan, 3rd year, Emmanuel

Precarious posing – very in character

Captain Morgan ft… Captain Morgan

Diego, 1st year grad, Pembroke

Those who watch Netflix's 'Stranger Things' will get this one

Samantha, Zara, Duvessa, 2nd years, Fitzwilliam

Team Rocket

Ethan, 1st year, Churchill

A* for effort

Emmanuel, 3rd year, Homerton

Cruella de Vil meets silver fox?

Jali and Miles, 4th year, King's

Impressive dedication to a 'Sin in the Middle Ages' theme. For those unsure, Google 'medieval penis tree'. You're welcome.

Grace, Eliane, and Toby, 2nd years, Emmanuel

'Pirates and treasure'

Lola, Emily, Eve, and Summer, 3rd years, Fitzwilliam

Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade would be proud of this Bratz Dolls costume

Dan, 1st year grad, Pembroke

'Bloody Boris'. Bloody terrifying.

And finally…

A truly standout costume, spotted in Wilko on Fitzroy Street.