The Tab’s Best Dressed, Week One: Sidgwick Site edition

This week’s fashion icons

The rainy start to Michaelmas hasn’t deterred Cambridge students from flaunting the best of their wardrobes this week. From New Yorker tote bags (spotted in the English Faculty Library, obviously) to fuzzy yellow coats, The Cambridge Tab searched Sidgwick site to find the best dressed Cantabs on campus.

Stay tuned for more of The Tab’s Best Dressed next week, and maybe you’ll see yourself featured soon…

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I loved the unintentional colour coordination

Colleges: Corpus and King’s

Year: 1st

Subjects: both Classics

Fashion inspiration: ‘Each Other’/ Instagram

The look they’re going for: Rosie – ‘Korean Fashion’, Evie – ‘Manchester Charity Shop’.

Spotted: Entrance to Sidgwick


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‘Below Average Edgy’, complete with Dr. Martens

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College: Sidney Sussex

Year: 3rd

Subject: History

Fashion inspiration: ‘My mum’

The look she’s going for: ‘Below Average Edgy’

Spotted: Arc Café


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Image may contain: Denim, Jeans, Blouse, Costume, Female, Human, Person, Face, Pants, Clothing, Apparel

College: Hughes Hall

Subject: English

Fashion inspiration: Maggie Lindemann

The look she’s going for: ‘Whatever’s Easy’

Spotted: English Faculty Library


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It would be impossible to miss these funky collars

Image may contain: Jeans, Denim, Sneaker, Human, Person, Shoe, Footwear, Pants, Apparel, Clothing

College: Wolfson

Year: 1st Year MPhil

Subject: Film and Screen Studies

Fashion inspiration: Billy Porter

The look he’s going for: ‘No Idea’.

Spotted: Arc Café


Image may contain: Face, Sweater, Jacket, Blazer, Suit, Overcoat, Plant, Grass, Coat, Blonde, Kid, Woman, Child, Girl, Teen, Female, Human, Person, Clothing, Apparel

Image may contain: Overcoat, Coat, Female, Cardigan, Person, Human, Sweater, Clothing, Apparel

College: Magdalene

Year: 3rd

Subject: English

Fashion inspiration: ‘My Nan’ (it was her Nan’s coat)

The look she’s going for: ‘Nan Chic’

Spotted: Arc Café


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‘Big Bird Chic’ at its finest

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College: Pembroke

Year: 3rd

Subject: HSPS

Fashion inspiration: Dua Lipa

The look she’s going for: ‘Big Bird Chic’

Spotted: Arc Café