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What Legally Blonde character is your college?

It’s the Lent term musical don’t you know

As the end of Lent Term approaches, one of the most ambitious shows of the year at the ADC Theatre is preparing – the Lent Term Musical (or LTM, if you want to pretend you're a thesp). With a big cast and crew and even bigger budget, we are excited. Read: panto but in spring time.

This year’s show is Legally Blonde – an adaptation of the classic 2000s film. It's a fun, campy, and high-energy story of succeeding against academic hardship (yikes), and of transcending and reforming the expectations that society and academia places on women.

So inspired by this, we thought that a little 'what X is your college' was worth a go.

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Omigod you guys (source)

Elle Woods – Emma

“Oh my god! We both have names that start with E!”

Pretty. Overachieving. Self confident and annoyingly empowered. But in the end your envy and admiration for their duck pond and central location overpowers the bitterness.

Warner – John’s

Handsome, kinda sexily aloof, but scrape below the surface and it’s the same image-obsessed poshbois we all know and love to hate.

Emmett – King’s

A little bit edgy, with a lowkey-highkey socialist tinge, but will eventually sell their soul to the corporate suit machine like the rest of us. Also the secret love interest we all need, but not the one we deserve.

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Bend and snap. Licensed by Eva Rinaldi

Paulette – Robinson

Just because you think you’re past your prime (see red brick) doesn’t mean you can’t Bend And Snap like the best of them (see Robinson bops).

Bruiser – Corpus

Small. Adorable. Somewhat irrelevant but a cute addition anyway.

Rufus – Peterhouse

Even smaller. Not quite as cute and frankly a bit gruff and rough around the edges.

Callahan – Trinity

A bit dusty, old and unfriendly. Big, scary and intimidating with an impressive reputation.

Enid – Newnham

Empowered, tough and feminist. Faces a lot of unnecessary prejudice because of an overly stereotyped image, but in the end just gets the f*ck on with it and is

Brooke – Downing

Is it just me or is everyone you’ve ever met from Downing extremely chirpy? Plus they need to be an exercise crazy yoga mom type to prance around all that open lawn space. (I’m not bitter, oh no)

Kyle – Homerton

“I’ve got a package”

Elusive. Mysterious. Enigmatic. Only appears infrequently. Sexy but in a simultaneously hard to pin down and in-your-face way.

Chutney – Fitz

The young, wannabe who’s just trying to be as cool as their stepmom. Not even a perm can save this one.

Vivienne – Magdalene

You might think they’re old-fashioned, sitting in the shadow of John’s, but they’re a powerhouse in their own right.

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Iconic tbh (source)

Elle’s Mum and Dad – Lucy Cav and Eddies


Old and far away. (Sorry all)

Delta Nus – Clare

Margot, Serena and Pilar (Old Court, Mem and Colony) form a trifecta of crazy-party-mad sorority girls, who will support you to your wildest dreams. Or so I’m told.

Greek Chorus – Clare Hall

A haunting, distant reflection of the former glory that is the Delta Nus. Need I say more.

Harvard Professors – Queens’

Thinks it’s young, hip and trendy but at the end of the day, two words – Room Ballot.

Jacques – Girton

Gay AND European (please read gay and far away). I have been reliably informed that Girton has a disproportionate level of LGBT+ and as someone who has not been even close to its exotic halls in three years at Cambridge, I can confirm it is far enough away.

Legally Blonde The Musical opens at the ADC Theatre on Wednesday 13th March, and runs until Saturday 24th.

Cover photo credit: Gabriel Humphreys