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The Most Romantic College proposal ever?

In the stunt of the century, one man, two women, and the city of love combine for the most extra college proposal EVER

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Two Emma students, Nav and Jabin got engaged in potentially the most extra circumstances of all; a romantic, moonlit proposal in front of le Tour Eiffel, with a ring, a conversation with his lucky fiance’s mother in advance and a DJ Khaled reference. But how did this modern day tale of amorous passion come about? Read on and gush over the intricacies of this romantic ballad…

The roots of this tale have a surprising origin; a third party, Sarah Dees(2nd year, Law, Emma) a close friend of both Nav and Jabin had been pestering Nav to propose to his beloved Jabin for months. However, as Sarah says “he’s a drama queen and no suggestion in cam was ever enough”.

But then, Sarah came up with the idea of the three of them going to Paris for a city break amongst friends, and an idea grew in Nav’s head. He seized the opportunity to visit the most romantic city in the world (sorry Venice), and begin planning his proposal!

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I’ve heard Sarah is now available for bookings just in case anybody else wants to plan a wild proposal

What makes this opportunism even better, is the fact that Nav actually didn’t plan the trip at all. Once he and Sarah had come up with their cunning plan, they connived to go one level further. Nav told Jabin that it would be a good idea to surprise Sarah with a trip to Paris-so Jabin went to work booking the entire holiday thinking she was going to completely astound and amaze Sarah-when in reality she was the one who was going to be hit with a romantic thunderbolt out of the blue.

Sarah, when approached for comment, told the Tab that her and Nav schemed to “use her kindness to our advantage and give her such a great proposal because she wanted to do something nice for me. So it was a way to not only affirm she’s in fact the best friend ever, but also give back something to her she’s been waiting for since last lent”.

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Action shot courtesy of Sarah Dees, the world’s best wingman

Once they’d arrived in Paris, Nav got to work, he told the Tab “I said I really wanted to do Eiffel Tower photo shoot that night for the insta, we spent the evening together just doing coupley stuff exploring the city, like a proper proposal lead up lmao.

But Then she cba and wanted to stay in but Sarah forced her to do her make up and go out. Rushed to the Eiffel Tower bc we were late; I did some next speech that confused her, shout-out DJ Khaled ‘congratulations you played yourself’ get down on one knee she died.

Freaking out for hours, like mind blown that she acc organised her own proposal without realising it, that Sarah knew the whole time that we’d been plotting for the last two months. Watching social media meltdown tryna comprehend how crazy it was.”

Jabin, when reflecting on the amorous splendour of their star-crossed proposal, said “I had my heart set on nav from the moment he presented me with a life-size cutout of Benedict cumberbatch. When your husband knows he’s the third wheel in your marriage, then you know you’ve picked the right one.”

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The happy couple today

However, the story doesn’t just end there, Nav as a good, traditional and respectful young man, even went to the lengths of approaching Jabin’s mum beforehand to get her permission to propose to her daughter. The Tab was able to get a comment from Golabi herself:

“A couple of outstanding issues remain – is he willing to convert, dowry has yet to be negotiated, etc – so as Asian weddings go, this was a micro-affair. However, I am now concerned that the bar has been set very high for my future son-in-law…”

On the last point, the Tab is inclined to most profusely agree.